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i need ideas. intro/thesis... reply fast please

Write a paper in which you analyze how the popular culture influences ideas about beauty among either women, men, or both. Discuss the effects of these messages on the social behavior and psychological well-being of those addressed.
i have 2 topics to talk about. music videos and tv ads. i need one more.
details:music videos
has a negative effect on women self esteem, their relationship or their job. women tend to be insecure about the way they look. they only see music videos that have beautiful tall slim or curvy girls and feel as if they are not needed or wanted. they think you have to look a certain way to feel needed or wanted.
details:tv ads
 they use women as sex objects to get their product sold.
i wanted to use a beauty quote that would go with the topic. for my introduction.
i do not have a introduction yet or a thesis. i need help. 
I'm trying to catchup with my online class because i just gave birth to my daughter

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I'd certainly use print advertising as a third source. There are still many popular magazines out there like People, InStyle, that feature both men and women models.  Seldom do the models represent typical body types.  While some people may feel inadequate as compared to these models, others feel they can become more glamorous, attractive, sexy, if they buy and use the products advertised. 
First, however, you must determine your own opinion and develop your thesis statement based on that point of view.  Then only use examples which support your thesis.  Your thesis should be in paragraph one and be a clear, well-worded statement.
Hope this helps.