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When is it necessary to accept help to overcome something difficult?

This is my essay prompt and I can't think of anything. Please also include a few examples from films, TV shows, etc.


Your post proves your thesis. In the face of the difficulty of writing this essay you have asked for the help of these tutors. Whether this was a necessity or just convenience, you decide.

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The earlier post makes a good point. Think of times in your life when you needed help to learn something you couldn't manage on your own. A sport, a specific subject (math, chemistry), a job task, the list goes on. What made you ask for help? Could you have mastered the impediment without help, and if so, how much longer would it have taken you? People also ask for help for all kinds of reasons that have little or nothing to do with their abilities, such as an excuse to strike up a conversation with someone new, or to negotiate a friendship, or to feel included. Identify an instance in your life and begin there, by describing what you needed help with and how you asked for it. Tell the story. What were your emotions before, during, and after asking for help? How did your thinking and/or behavior change after the experience, or did it? Use creative language to describe people and places.Sketch out the person or persons who were involved. Describe the world around you at the time to bring the story to life.