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English Practice


English punctuation

punctuate the sentence. I like your brother he's a good friend.
English Practice Writing Language Arts Homonyms


gnaws/select:homonym/homograph is the question i cant find a word that goes for both of these words

so i have to find 2 words that either have the same spelling but different meaning or different spelling and different meaning but they sound a like 
English Practice English Reading Literature


can someone help me come up with 5 class discussion questions please? (read the description)

can someone help me come up with 5 class discussion questions? The book we are reading in class is the little prince, and we have a class discussion coming up. the themes that I picked are... more
English Practice English Reading English Ii


Lord of the Flies themes!!

Complete this theme chart show examples of the six themes from Chapters 4-6.  1. Summarize a passage from the story that demonstrates each theme. 2. Use a direct quote(s) from the novel in your... more
English Practice College Helpful Mla


MLA Citation Practice!!????

Can anyone help me out by giving me things to cite. i have a test tommorow over MLA citation and have to know how to cite Books,Journal Article Print, Website and tv shows/movies. I just need alot... more


Negative Questions

How would I answer negative questions in the correct way?For example: Are you not going with us?No = Meaning I'm not going with them?Yes= I am going with them?Is this Correct? P.S - Can you explain... more


English : Negative Questions

Can you give me examples of negative questions and explain them for me?    Like 6 examples? Thank you by the way!:)

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