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Write an expression for how much it will cost Ms. Carlyle to rent the car.

Ann Carlyle is planning a business trip for which she needs to rent a car. The car rental company chargers $36 per day plus $0.50 per mile over 100 miles. Suppose Ms. Carlyle rents the car for 5... more


what was the first jaguar car



how many days would the renting and purchasing be equal

you can purchase or rent a car. the car is available at a rental fee of 250 per day. perchasing the car costs you 40000 for the investment and 50 per day after how many days would the cost of... more


find a linear function given an odometer reading, time, and the fuel tank reading.

when David Arnold started out on his trip his odometer read 45973 and his fuel gauge read 7/8 full. Exactly 1hr and 48 min later his the odometer read 46081 and the fuel gauge read 1/2 full. Find... more


what is a 154,344$ car with a sales tax rate is 7%

ita a problem for school

Question in description (please answer)

A car of mass 1.5 tonnes is driving up a hill, the hill makes an angle of 10 degrees to the horizontal, at a constant 30km/h. Neglecting any friction, what is the power required from the engine to... more


Car Math Question?

A car is traveling at a constant speed. After 2.5 hours, the car has traveled 80 miles. If the car continues to travel at the same constant speed, how many hours will it take to travel 270 miles?


What is the cost of these cars?

Suppose that you drive, on average, 160 miles per week to commute to work and usual activities. With gas prices at $4.50 per gallon, you are considering buying a new fuel efficient car, and want to... more


Help meeee

An automobile purchased for $34,000 is worth $2,800 after 6 years. Assuming that the car's value depreciated steadily from year to year, what was it worth at the end of the third year?

Cars driving in opposite directions on the same road, what time do they pass each other?

Car A begins to drive from Town A to Town B at 9 am. Car B leaves from Town B to drive to Town A via the same road as Car A at 9:17 am. After the two cars pass each other, Car A takes 10 minutes to... more


Can you get your license at 18 when you've never gotten a permit?

I am 18 and I still haven't maintained a permit. I am curious as to if I'm allowed to just go take the license test without it if legally allowed to do so.


.A car covers a distance of 14.75 km in one litre of petrol. How much distance will it cover in 15.5 litres of petrol?

.A car covers a distance of 14.75 km in one litre of petrol. How much distance will it coverin 15.5 litres of petrol?  


how can i make my 2001 ford ranger faster

i have a 2001  ford ranger i wanna have my engine 100 % good an i want it to run a little faster it has 22 rims on it

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