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ORA-24756: transaction does not exist?

Am doing a distributed update and I get this ORA-24756 error: DISTRIB TRAN bea1.67AA54355C4A74ECDEE0 is local tran 6.42.332492 (hex=06.2a.512cc) insert pending prepared... more

Oracle DBA, Unique situation with ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied?

I am facing a very unique situation here in Oracle DB. I am facing "ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied" error while logging in to my Oracle user using sqlplus. Basic information... more

Oracle DB: delete all the contents?

I have oracle DB it is for testing purpose, I have not added any tables. I just want clear all the files like control, redo, archive, date. Ultimately I want fresh db. I know it can done by delete... more


Oracle - If variable is null?

I need to return some dummy select when my variable matches string. This is what I tried: begin if :someVar = 'Yes' then select 1 from dual; end if; end; / I've tried... more

Migrate / Copy Huge data from Oracle to SQL Server?

I have huge tables in oracle database, appx 1 crore+ (10 million+) rows and want to migrate / copy those table and data in sql server. Currently I am using Import functionality of SQL Server for... more

Why is (a | b ) equivalent to a - (a & b) + b?

I was looking for a way to do a BITOR() with an Oracle database and came across a suggestion to just use BITAND() instead, replacing BITOR(a,b) with a + b - BITAND(a,b).I tested it by hand a few... more

Oracle BI Publisher, select different columns by parameter?

I'm just starting with Oracle BI Publisher and I really don't know how to get along with my task. My project is to ask the user for a parameter (that's ok), and if the user chooses 01, I should... more
Oracle Sql Logic


Swapping column values in Oracle?

I was solving one of the puzzles and came across swapping column values using DML queries: SELECT * FROM TEMP_TABLE; ID1, ID2 -------- 20, 15 20, 15 20, 15 Solution is mathematical... more
Oracle Sql Logic


oracle sql date not later than today?

I need to display some data if it's a - new data - updated data let's say, I will be basing these data from a publishdate column and updated column where publishdate and updateddate are both... more
Oracle Drawing Autocad C#


C# Drawing Oracle Spatial Geometries?

I need to create a simple app which can display geometries from Oracle Spatial in C#. These geometries are exported from AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 to Oracle Spatial. I need to pan, zoom, manage layers... more


i need help with PL/SQL (Oracle)

Write a complete PL/SQL program that enables a user to interact with a database of your choice (for example you may choose employee database, or student, or a library database, … etc). The database... more

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