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How can we migrate code in Oracle Exa CC from DB2 database

My current database in DB2 and our company wants to migrate from DB2 to Oracle ExaCC(Oracle Cloud).How can we migrate current DB2 code to Oracle Exa CC database.

ORA-24756: transaction does not exist?

Am doing a distributed update and I get this ORA-24756 error: DISTRIB TRAN bea1.67AA54355C4A74ECDEE0 is local tran 6.42.332492 (hex=06.2a.512cc) insert pending prepared... more

Oracle DBA, Unique situation with ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied?

I am facing a very unique situation here in Oracle DB. I am facing "ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied" error while logging in to my Oracle user using sqlplus. Basic information... more

Oracle DB: delete all the contents?

I have oracle DB it is for testing purpose, I have not added any tables. I just want clear all the files like control, redo, archive, date. Ultimately I want fresh db. I know it can done by delete... more


Oracle - If variable is null?

I need to return some dummy select when my variable matches string. This is what I tried: begin if :someVar = 'Yes' then select 1 from dual; end if; end; / I've tried... more

Migrate / Copy Huge data from Oracle to SQL Server?

I have huge tables in oracle database, appx 1 crore+ (10 million+) rows and want to migrate / copy those table and data in sql server. Currently I am using Import functionality of SQL Server for... more

Why is (a | b ) equivalent to a - (a & b) + b?

I was looking for a way to do a BITOR() with an Oracle database and came across a suggestion to just use BITAND() instead, replacing BITOR(a,b) with a + b - BITAND(a,b).I tested it by hand a few... more

Oracle BI Publisher, select different columns by parameter?

I'm just starting with Oracle BI Publisher and I really don't know how to get along with my task. My project is to ask the user for a parameter (that's ok), and if the user chooses 01, I should... more
Oracle Sql Logic


Swapping column values in Oracle?

I was solving one of the puzzles and came across swapping column values using DML queries: SELECT * FROM TEMP_TABLE; ID1, ID2 -------- 20, 15 20, 15 20, 15 Solution is mathematical... more
Oracle Sql Logic


oracle sql date not later than today?

I need to display some data if it's a - new data - updated data let's say, I will be basing these data from a publishdate column and updated column where publishdate and updateddate are both... more
Oracle Drawing Autocad C#


C# Drawing Oracle Spatial Geometries?

I need to create a simple app which can display geometries from Oracle Spatial in C#. These geometries are exported from AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 to Oracle Spatial. I need to pan, zoom, manage layers... more


i need help with PL/SQL (Oracle)

Write a complete PL/SQL program that enables a user to interact with a database of your choice (for example you may choose employee database, or student, or a library database, … etc). The database... more

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