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Two Column Proof Geometry


I need help with a geometry proof.

Given: segment AC is congruent to segment to segment EC and segment AE is perpendicular to segment FG. Prove: Circle A is congruent to circle E     
Two Column Proof


1. Write a two-column proof for the following conjecture.

Given:ABCD is a parallelogram Prove:Angle A and angle B are supplementary. Angle C and angle D are supplementary.  


please help i do not know what to do

Write a complete two-column proof for following information:Given: Segment AB = x + 16, Segment BC = 4x + 11 Segment AC = 77Prove: AB = 26
Two Column Proof


Converse of parallel lines/ I need to prove •line bf || line ce

Given- line abcd -< ecd=140 -<abf =40
Two Column Proof Geometric Proofs Line Segments


Write a two column proof!

Given: Line Segment AB ≅ Line Segment CD, Line Segment BC ≅ Line Segment DA   Prove: △ABC ≅ △CDA
Two Column Proof


Do I simplify fractions in a two column proof

6/7y=3 is the answer y=21/6 or y=3.5?
Two Column Proof


two column proof for therem 6.7

I have a problem where it says make a two column proof of therem 6.7 which is called the angle bisector therem could someone please tell me the answer or atleast walk me through it

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