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Math Proof Help


Given line AP and AS are tangent to point O at P and S respectively. Prove line segment AO is perpendicular to line segment PS

How to solve geometry proof when determining two segments are perpendicular.


Simplify using logic of laws, Question "~(~b∧a)∧(b∨a) "

~ mean not ^ mean and ∨ mean or   Help me pls
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Prove by Induction question, 2+6+18+...+ 2.3^n-1 = (3^n)-1

Can anyone help me solving this problem, Im really really lost. Thank you


Contradiction prove question, "Prove by contradiction that the difference between any odd integer and any even integer is odd"

How to do this, please help me. Thank you very much!


Direct proof question, "The product of an even integer and an odd integer is even".

I didnt understand  Let say X = 2a +1 while y = 2b+1   Why you need to multiply xy rather x+y, as you can see below: XY = (2a+1)(2y+1) <- correct X+Y = 2a+1+2y+1 <- Incorrect   Can you... more

Prove that sup(a, b)=sup[a, b]=b and inf(a, b)=inf[a, b]=a. Is completeness relevant?

Denoting, as usual, by (a, b) an ”open interval”, {x : a<x< b} and by [a, b] the corresponding ”closed interval”, {x : a≤x≤b} of real numbers, prove that sup(a, b)=sup[a, b]=b and inf(a,... more
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Set Theory/Math Logic

Is there any way to prove that   - Every point in A intersect B is greater than or equal to 1?   - The intersection of two sets has a point in commonwith another set?   If there is no way to... more
Math Proof Help


prove that x and y are even if 5x + y = 8

I have to prove that x and y are even if 5x + y = 8

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