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Sam can run 2 miles in 2/3 of an hour. How far can he run in 3/4 of an hour?
Arithmetic Math Mathematics


Arithmetic help (show steps).

What is the no. of people among whom 125 bananas and 145 orange can be equally distributed? What is H.C.F? Show any example how to calculate it. The difference of the numerator and the... more
Arithmetic Algebra 2 Sequences


Arithmetic Sequences

If the third term of an arithmentic sequence is 1 and the eighth term is -14, what is the twelfth term?
Arithmetic Math Accounting


Arithmetic/Accounting balancing $ 100 spent-retained.

A person has 100 $.The person spends 40 $ and retains 60 $.The person spends 30 $ and retains 30 $.The person spends 18 $ and retains 12 $.The person spends 12 $ and retains 0 $.Total spent =... more


Find the missing number 50,51,77.5,156,391,____

Arithmetic Algebra 1


Not sure how to do this one.

what is the first term of a 10-term arithmetic series with t2=10 and S=120? Leave your answer in exact form
Arithmetic Algebra 2


The nth term of an arithmetic sequence to find the indicated term

Find a100 when a1 =_50, d=5
Arithmetic Prealgebra


Write down a number which is 3.6 less than -4.7??

Arithmetic Elementary Math


The first term of an arithmetic progress is -10 and the last term is 35. if the common difference is 3, find the number of the terms in the sequence

The first term of an arithmetic progress is -10 and the last term is 35. if the common difference is 3, find the number of the terms in the sequence. (B) calculate the sum of all the terms


Aunt and Uncle's fuel oil tank dip stick problem?

This problem first came to me in high school, and a couple times since, and I even assigned it for extra credit in one of my calculus classes after I became a teacher. So I know the solution. What... more
Arithmetic Algebra 2


Find the third term in the expansion of (n-2y)^6

Arithmetic Prealgebra


The tire of a car traveling

The tire of a car traveling at a speed of 60 miles per hour rotates 269 times in 20 seconds. If the car continues to travel at the same speed, which of the following is the number of times in 20... more
Arithmetic Algebra 1


Need answer and how to solve

Boy jogged 4/5 km, girl jogged 1/2 km more than boy, what the distance boy jogged?


Why do we multiply (1-x) by both sides first in the equation 34500 / (1-x) = 47920?

Simple question to a problem I seemingly can't find the answer to. In the equation: 34500 / (1-x) = 47920?Why is it that we multiply both sides by (1-x) first and not divide both sides by 34500? I... more

Geometric sequence

 Let x-2, x, x+3 be the first 3 terms of a geometric sequence. Find the value of x.. Please help, been trying to do this for hours and cant come uyp with a good answer, any help would be extremely... more


Eric and Marina each wrote two or three poems everyday. Over a period of time, Eric wrote 43 poems while Marina wrote 61.

 How many days were in this period of time?  18,19,20,21, or 22 days   Thanks so much


give the arithmetic sequence of of 5 terms if the first term is 8 and the last term is 100

plsss i need it :(
Arithmetic Tricky Questiond


monthly income.

Raman spends 2/5 of his monthly income on food and 3/8 of the remaining on clothes. Find (a) What fraction of his income is left with him. (b) If the money left is ₹2400, find monthly income.


Algebra 2 - Arithmetic

2+4+10+___+142. It's arithmetic and I need to show work. I don't understand how to do it.


What is the smaller number?

if the sum of two numbers is 360, and their ratio is 7:3, what is the smaller number?Please explain the steps.


Solving for N

if 3/2 ÷ 1/4 =n, then n is between what two numbers?


What is the fourth number?

Three of four numbers have a sum of 22. If the average ofthe four numbers is 8, what is the fourth number?Please explain the steps to solving this problemThank you.


A sum of money trebles itself in 8 yrs at compound interest. In how many years will it become 27 times ?

A sum of money trebles itself in 8 yrs at compound interest. in how many years will it become 27 times   
Arithmetic Geometric Sequence


Arithmetic/Geometric math question

You are responsible to provide tennis balls for a tournament. You know that a ball bounces like new when it is dropped and it bounces 82% of the previous height. Because of budget restriction for... more

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