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Operations Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


Given the following functions, perform the indicated operation. Then state the domain.

F(x)=3x-6 g(x)=2x^2-5xg(f(x))=?


Solving Polynomials

Simplify each expression. Final answers should be written in standard form.(-4m2n)4·1/6m-10n-4I'm confused on how to work this out step-by-step. The exponents should all be positive, following the... more


Solving Polynomials

Simplify each expression. Final answer should be in standard form.(-4m2n)4·1/6m-10n-4I'm unsure on how to work this problem out step-by-step.


What’s the correct answer?

This math problem is confusing me “Compute the number that is obtained when three times the difference of 9 and 24 is increased by 9.”I got -36 because 9-24 is -15 and -15 times 3 is -45. -45 plus... more

Explain the partial products algorithm..

Explain the partial products algorithm for multiplication using 1204x609. Use the following things to inform your explanation.   a) demonstrate the algorithm. b) what is the role of place value... more

explain who is correct and WHY; adapt corrdct method

Tylishia says that she can calculate 324-198 by adding 2 to both numbers and calculating 326-200. Marcus says that she could get the correct answer by subtracting 2 from 324 and adding 2 to 198... more


indicated operation/simplify

Perform the indicated operations and simplify your answer: (4x-3)(x^2-x-9)
Operations Math


Control Limit Charts

Samples 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1220.2 19.9 19.8 20.1 19.8 19.7 20.2 20.1 20 19.9 20.1 19.920.1 19.9 19.9 19.9 20.1 19.6 20.1 20.1 19.9 19.8 20.1 19.419.8 19.7 20 19.9 20.1 19.7 19.9 19.8 20.1 20.1... more
Operations Math Algebra Problems


help please :)

Perform the indicated operations, rationalizing the denominator (solve all please):   A) {(√3)/(√6 - 1)} - {(√3)/(√6 + 1)}   B) 3√2x {(1/√x + 2) + (2/(√x+1))}
Operations Math Algebra Division


help please :)

Perform these operations:   A) (√12x^5) - (√18x) - (√300x^5) + (√98x)   B) ³√2 {(³√12x) - (³√2x)}    C) (√5 + 2)(6 - √5)   D) (2 + 4√5)(3 - 2√5)    


.Multiply square root of -8 and square root of -2

1.write the number in simplest form, without a negative radicand. square root of -232   2.Multiply square root of -8 and square root of -2   3. write the quotient in the form a+bi.... more

How can i find the mean and standard deviation (probability) for PERT questions?

If the normal distribution were used to find the probability of finishing this project in 24 weeks or fewer, what mean and standard deviation would be used? (a) 20.833 and 5.144 (b) 22.167 and... more
Operations Numbers


If j and k are integers, j>k, and j^2 + k^2= 25, what is the least possible value of j?

how do you get to the answer, which is -3?
Operations Polynomials



Need help with this equation.
Operations Algebra Linear Vectors


Perform the following operations on the vectors

Perform the following operations on the vectors vec{u} =<4,-4,4>, vec{v}=<4,2,-4>, and vec{w} =<0,-2,-1>.(u)•vec(w)=(u•v)u=((w•w)u)•u=u•v+v•w=


Which of the following correctly describes the sum of a rational number and an irrational number?

which one a b c or d   always rational both rational and irrational can be either rational or irrational depending on the rationals used always irrational


perform the indicated operation. Write the result in the form of a+bi

(9-6i)(8+3i) =


Given functions f and g, perform the indicated operations:

f(x) = 8x2 -7x g(x) = 8x - 4   (fog)(x)   I would really appreciate the steps and final outcome of this problem. Thank you!

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