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Scale factor, Price per meter

A rectangular display, with the dimensions 3m by 4m, shows the layout for Trout River conservation area. The display was created using a scale of 1:150. It costs the state $0.65m2 to maintain Trout... more


Finding the price per gallon of each paint

A merchant has two kinds of paint. If 9 gal of the inexpensive paint is mixed with 7 gal of the expensive paint, the mixture will be worth $19.70 per gallon. If 3 gal of the inexpensive paint is... more

Why do low-budget films charge the same amount at the box office as super-high budget films?

In most occurrences, lower production costs translate into lower sales costs. Obviously there are other factors that influence price, including perceived value (affected by advertising),... more

The supply and demand of Virtual Products?

We know that the fundamental economic problem is scarce resources relative to unlimited wants. Does this apply to apps and Ebooks? They are essentially virtual products who have in theory have... more
Price Soccer Jersey


I have a used long sleeve 2006-2007 Manchester United soccer jersey and was wondering how much the price range would be?

Size of the jersey is Adult medium or small.


Math Project Solving

At a supermarket that sells fruit by the pound, one person bought 3 lb of oranges and 6 lb of grapefruitfor a total of $6, while a second person paid $6.40 for 5 lb of oranges and 4 lb of... more
Price Percentages


Gloria bought a suit at a 25% off sale. The sale price was $82.50. Find the original price.

I need help , > Gloria bought a suit at a 25% off sale. The sale price was $82.50. Find the original price.

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