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CAS and doing math by hand

Since we have computer algebra systems that can solve polynomial division problems for us, why is it necessary to learn how to do these things by hand?


Use polynomial long division on the following problem.

Use polynomial long division to perform the indicated division. Write the polynomial in the form p(x) = d(x)q(x) + r(x).   (2x4 − 3x3 + 2x2 − 2) ÷ (x2 + 4)
Polynomial Division


Use long division to find the quotient​ Q(x) and the remainder​ R(x) when​ P(x) is divided by​ d(x) and express​ P(x) in the form ​d(x) times •​Q(x)plus+​R(x).

Use long division to find the quotient Q(x) and the remainder R(x) when P(x) is divided by d(x) and express P(x) in the form d(x) times •Q(x)plus+R(x).   P(x)equals=x^3+ 2x^2 -8x+38x d(x)equals=x+5
Polynomial Division


Polynomial Division Questions

The polynomial$$g(x) = x^3 - x^2 - (m^2 + m) x + 2m^2 + 4m + 2$$is divisible by $x-4$ and all of its zeroes are integers. Find all possible values of $m$.
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Help with division of polynomials pleaseee

I have to write the polynomials in descending orden when dividing.   27-x-14x3+4x4 / x-3       My answer is 4x3-2x2-6x+17+78/x-3 .I am not sure if that is the right answer. Help pelase! 

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