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Polynomial Functions - Zeroes and Multiplicity

A polynomial function has zeros at 5/2 (multiplicity 2), 3 (multiplicity 1), and 0 (multiplicity 4). Write a function in standard form that could represent this function.I'm confused as to how to... more
Multiplicity Algebra 2 Complex Numbers


The zeros of P(x)=x^2+4 are (and multiplicity)

The zeros of P(x)=x^2+4 are x1= ……. + ………. i with negative imaginary part,it's multiplicity is ………… ; and x1= ……. + ………. i with positive imaginary part,it's multiplicity is ………… .thanks a lot
Multiplicity Polynomial



A polynomial P(x) of degree 5 with real coefficients has 7 as a zero of multiplicity 3 and 1+2i as a complex zero. Find all zeros of P(x) and give a possible form of the polynomial.
Multiplicity Polynomial


If a polynomial has an x-intercept at (9,0) woth a multiplicity of 2, what will the graph look like at the x-intercept?

I'm not quite sure about the concpt of multiplicity. I'm supposed to answer this without graphing it, but in sentences instead.


Zeros & Multiplicities of Polynomial

Given the polynomial f(x)=-.0029(x+12)(x+5)2(x-9)3find the zeros and their corresponding multiplicities.I know that in order to find the zeros you must factor and set the equation equal to zero and... more

How do you know the multiplicity is 2?

f(x)= x^4 - x^3 - 20x^2 Find all real zeros and determine the multiplicity of each. i did my factors and got 5,4,1,20,10,2 so i did synthetic with 5 and it was a factor. then I did synthetic... more

Find the zeros of P(x) and its multiplicity

the zeros of P(x)=x2+25 are x1= ()+()i with negative imaginary part its multiplicity is=    x2= ()+()i with positive imaginary part  its multiplicity is= 

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