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Write the polynomial in the form p(x) = d(x)q(x) + r(x). (−x^5 + 3x^3 − x) ÷ (x^3 − x^2 + 7)

i dont seem to be able to get the answer right,can you help?

Use long division P(x)=x^4 - 6x^2 - 27 d(x) = x + 3

help with long division

Divide the polynomial?

divide a polynomial and determine if the divisor is a factor of the dividend.you can do long division or synthetic division. Also write the quotient. Show all work: 3x^3-4 divided by x-5  

Polynomial long division question

 When 3x2-5x+c is divided by x+k, the quotient is 3x+1 and the remainder is 3. Find c and k.

Long division of a polynomial - please help!

I'm really having trouble understanding how to solve this problem:   "Use long division to express f(x) in the form f(x) = Q(x) + [R(x) ÷ (x2 -1)], where Q(x) is the quotient and R(x) is the... more

if p(x) = 4x^4+7x^2-2x-5, use remainder theorem to find p(-2)

Please i need help if p(x) = 4x^4+7x^2-2x-5, use remainder theorem to find p(-2)

Polynomial division application question

The remainder when (3x3 - 6x2 + ax - 1) is divided by x-3 is the equal to the remainder obtained when the expression is divided by x + 1. Find the value of a.     

long division

x^2 +2x-3/ x^2-1  

Prove that (x+1/x)(x^2+1/x^2)(x^4+1/x^4)(x^8+1/x^8) = x^32-1 / x^15(x^2-1)

Prove that (x+1/x)(x^2+1/x^2)(x^4+1/x^4)(x^8+1/x^8) = x^32-1 / x^15(x^2-1)

Simplify using long division (12y^2-39y+15+12y^3)/(2y+5)

Simplify using long division (12y^2-39y+15+12y^3)/(2y+5)

divide and check

Divide and Check. b^2 – 25 / b-7 =

Dividing Polynomials

(35w3 + 11w2 + 29w + 29)  ÷ (5w + 3)

Division of Polynomials

(y3 + 10y2 +10y - 3) ÷ (y+2)

Division of Polynomials

(x6 -9x3 +14) ÷ (x3 - 3)

How can I solve this by long division? Can the remainder have a variable?

(3x3-2x2-8)/(x2+5)Can the remainder be -15x-18?Why or why not?

What must z be so that 3x^3-zx^2+2z+4 will be divisible by x-2?

Question is above. I got confused with this one, and didn't actually understand what was asked.

if two factors of 2x^3-hx+k are (x+2) and (x-1) then find the value of 3h-4k

how do I find the value of h and k

(125t^3+8) / (5t+2)

how do you solve this?

Families of polynomial question?

Given a function g(x) such that g(x^2+2)=x^4+5x^2+3, determine g(x^2-1). The answer is g(x^2-1) = x^4 -x^2 -3 How do I get this?

x^3 - 2*x^2 + 2*x - 4 / x^2 + 2

Long Division of Algebraic Polynomials

Division of polynomials: x^3-7/x-2

This is a division of polynomials. It is supposed to be divided by using the division algorithm. Please help me!


Polynomial long division. Need help please!

help solving using long division (72

would you show me how to solve using long division:   1.  (72 - 8x^2 + 4x^3 - 36x) divide by (x -3)     2.  (8b^2 - 6) divide by (2b -1)     thank you

(3x^2 + 11x + 1) / (x+ 4)

Polynomial-long division  

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