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Dividing Polynomials Algebra 2 Polynomial Polynomials


i need help on an algebra 2 question on dividing polynomials?

my algebra 2 teacher is not the best-- he just can't teach and almost all of my class fails every test because so. anyways, I'm a little perplexed on one question we've got to do for... more
Dividing Polynomials


Simplify (8x^-2y^3)/4x^(1/2)y^-2

I got the answer 2x^(5/2) y^5 but it was wrong.  The right answer is( 2y^5 radical x)/x^3


A rectangle is four times as long as it is wide. if the area of the rectangle is 1600 cm squared , what are its dimensions?

I need help figuring out how to find the sides lengths 
Dividing Polynomials


(x^2-x-6) / (x^2-4)

I was given the answer which is (x-3) / (x-2) I just don't understand how to get there. I have gotten as far as factoring the numerator to (x+6)(x-5) and the denominator to (x+2)(x-2). 
Dividing Polynomials


x8-x4+x2-x+2688 divide by x+7

x8-x4+x2-x+2688 divide by x+7
Dividing Polynomials



Dividing Polynomials Algebra 1 Trinomials


how would you divide (6-q+8q cubed-4q squared)by (2q-2)

please show the work
Dividing Polynomials Math Algebra


36m5n5 ÷ (12m3)

36m5n5 ÷ (12m3)
Dividing Polynomials


.how is this done in polynomial division

explain howyou can determine the height of a three-dimensional rectangular object given itsarea and volume.
Dividing Polynomials


How do you divide

25m^5n - 10m^4n + 15m^3n  /  5m^3n Is the correct answer 5m2 - 2m + 3

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