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(3X^2+2X-7) - (2X^2-6X-7) Help with this Monomial & Polynomials question?

Hi, could anyone help me with the monomial & polynomial question? (3X^2+2X-7) - (2X^2-6X-7)


Write a polynomial of least degree with rational coefficients so that P(x)= 0 has the given root. 2-3i

Please help. due very soon and I'm confused  


6x^6+9x^3+3x^2-4x^10-9x^5-5x^6 find the degree

can not figuer it out been working on this on for a pretty long time but still cant figure it out


If a polynomial has an x-intercept at (9,0) woth a multiplicity of 2, what will the graph look like at the x-intercept?

I'm not quite sure about the concpt of multiplicity. I'm supposed to answer this without graphing it, but in sentences instead.


Degree 5; zeros: -8; -i; -5+i , enter the polynomial

please help


write a polynomial function y of least degree that has rational coefficients, a leading coefficient of 1, and the zeros -2, 1, 4+i

i need help fast for a math test. I am struggling





Polynomial related question

Consider the polynomial P(x)=(x-1)(x+2)(x-3)(x-4)(x-6)-100The equation p(x)=0 has two real and two imaginary roots How... Explain it.. The equation p(x)=0 has roots. Please tell me the number of... more


Polynomial maths question

f(x)=x4+ax3+bx2+cx+d if f(2)=1, f(3)=2, f(4)=3, f(5)=4 then a+b+c+d= ?


factor polynomial completely

Factor Polynomial completely   1) 27y2-57y+28   2)16m2-121


which polynomial can not be factor

Circle any polynomials below that cannot be factored any further using integers.1)  x2– 100               2) 125x3+ 1                   3) 6y2– 6y + 1           4- x2– 20


Factor fully then graph the following function.

HELP ME!!!! I need to factor this using synthetic division and factoring and stuff but have no idea how!   24x^8 - 194x^7 + 201x^6 + 1713x^5 - 4203x^4 + 657x^3 + 4458x^2 - 2176x - 480



1-Circle any polynomials below that are perfect squares trinomials. x2+ 25                   x2– 12x + 36                  y2– 4wy + w2                     16a2– 40a + 25     2- Circle any... more


Can you tell me how they got this answer

The problem is write the resulting polynomial in descending order of degree (5y+4)+(3y+1). Its saying the answer is 10y+12. I solved it the same way I solved the problem before (which my answer was... more


Polynomials degree

Find a polynomial of lowest degree with integer coefficients such that 1/2, 2/3, and 2 are zeros


I need the equation for an algebraic answer

X6 _ y6


can a polynomial equation can be written as sum of sines and cosines?

Can polynomial equation can be written as sum of sine and cosine


How do I solve polynomials and write it in standard form? How do I find the vertical asymptote, the zeros, and the hole(in the graph)?

I have a project I have to do for math and I have to solve the polynomial f(x)= (x+1)(x-0)(x+3)/(x+2)(x-0)(x+0)(x-0).  It's a fraction.. Not division. Then i have to put it in expanded form, and... more


How do you solve this



Polynomial 4x+4y-mx-my

Factor the polynomial completely   4x+4y-mx-my


example of a polynomial in the variable t

Give an example of a polynomial in the variable t, such it is fifth degree, in descending powers of the variable, with exactly six terms, and having a negative coefficient for its second degree term.


Find a polynomial with integer coefficients that satisfies the following conditions

Degree of polynomial : 3 Zeros : 4 , -2 i, 2 i Constant coefficient : -128   (Answer please.) 


Polynomial Word Problem

You are making a fence for your garden. The length is five less than two times the width. Write a polynomial that represents the perimeter of the garden. Write a polynomial that represents the area... more


When you divide the polynomial 3x^2 + 7x - 20 by x + 4 using long division, you get:

A: 3x^2 - 5 B: 3x + 19, R 46 C: 3x + 5 D: 3x - 5 E: 3x - 3, R -24


When you divide the polynomial 2x^3 - 3x^2 - 18x - 8 by x - 4 using long division, you get:

A: 2x^2 - 5x - 2 B: 2x^2 - 11x - 62, R -256 C: 2x^2 - 5x + 2 D: 2x^2 + 5x + 2, R -4 E: 2x^2 + 5x + 2

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