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find x if 283(x)=A2(16)-153(80)+100110(2) discrete mathematics

i really ned help with this problem i'm in discrete mathematics and i don't know where to begin


Math Word Problem

April is thinking of a decimal number. The denominator of its equivalent fraction is 2 more than twice its numerator. What number is she thinking of?


Fractions, Decimals and Percents

after inventory, you found out that there are 10 green shirts, 5 white shirts and 3 red shirts sold as reflected in the sales report of the booth. what part of the inventory was sold if you had 5... more


Use the formula A = P(1 + rt) to calculate the maturity value of the simple interest loan. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) P = $2400, r = 9.2%, t = 3 months

I got this answer wrong when I written the answer as 3,125.21. Did I do something wrong here?


College algebra! Please help!

A rectangular playing field lies in the interior of an elliptical track that is 30 yards wide and 240 yards long. What is the width of the rectangular playing field if the width is located 15 yards... more
Decimal Math Electrical


When the resistance is 73.3 ohms and the power is 165 watts what is the value of the current in amperes?

Carry answer to two decimal places.


What does r equal to in the equation 0.5r − 3.8 = 5.66?

What's the answer to 0.5r − 3.8 = 5.66? I need to find r.
Decimal Decimals


find a length and width for a rectangle with an area of 56 squared foot

Find a length and width for a rectangle with the given area 56ft2

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