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Math Equations


(0.9)^t-4 rewrite the function to determine if its exponential growth or decay.

I get the part where its 0.9^t over 0.9^4, then it would be 0.9^t over 0.7, but then the answer in the book is 1.52(0.9)^t. I would like to know where the 1.52 came from.
Math Equations


if x varies directly as y and when x=3, y=8, find y when x=21

<nothing h3r3>
Math Equations Math


What is 70,000,000 divided into 108,000,000,000,000? I need to know the whole number, zeros and all

I’m trying to figure out how many dollars 70 million people would have each if they dived 108 trillion dollars 
Math Equations


I need help with this problem

A family has two cars During one particular week the first car consumed 20 gallons of gas and the second consumed 40 gallons of gas.The two cars drove combined total of 2200 miles and the sum of... more
Math Equations Math Actuarial Science


How to solve this equation?   Above is a screenshot of the equation. Ignore the first line if you aren't familiar with finance.    How do you go from the 3rd line of the... more
Math Equations


how much does actual dog food weigh?

case of food weighs 52 pounds  7 oz, packaging weighs 3 pounds 11 oz
Math Equations Math Maths


hypothesis testing question?

"The U.S. Postal Service advertises that at least 63.4% of all third class mail is read by the recipients. An environmental group, concerned about waste production wants to test this assertion.... more
Math Equations Math English


The area of a rectangular patio is 800 ft 2 . The patio’s length is twice its width. Find the dimensions of the patio.

Finding the are of the rectangle the length, and width of the dimensions to solve for the problems finding height or the weight.
Math Equations Algebra Slope Intercept Form


how do you put y=-4/6x-2 in standard form?

would the negative sign go with the numerator or denominator when you multiply all the terms by the denominator
Math Equations Math


If one pulley has a diameter of 45cm and another has a diameter of 20cm, what is the ratio of the smaller diameter of the larger diameter? Reduce your answer

Math 10 I’m just trying to figure it out as soon as possible just for Better understanding. explain how to get the answer please 
Math Equations


the MDAS rule?

In the equation, 2+1+1x7, do i do the multiplication part first?
Math Equations Algebra 1 Algebra 2


An investor invested a total of $5,200 in two mutual funds.

I've been having a tough time with this one. Every time I work the equation out it is either a negative amount, or is much larger than the original invested amount. Please Help. An investor... more

How do I find two solutions for both x and y when I have two sample equations?

Solve for x and y: x2 +y2 =17 There are two solutions: (x , y ) and (x , y ).                       y −1= x   Evaluate: x1 + y1 + x2 + y2 =   AND   Solve the system: x2 +y2 =37 There are two... more
Math Equations


First number is 2x fourth, first number equals third numbers, the 4 numbers totals 25, only use 0-9

Have to go Thursday along to ask question.... 
Math Equations Math


Determine length and width of rectangle whose area is represented by the expression X^2 + 8x +7

need the formula for length and width
Math Equations System Of Equations


Solve the system of equations 2x+y=4 y=x^2-2x+1

It’s a system of equations solve for y and x
Math Equations


what is the solution

Math Equations


I am working at macdonalds for 7.50 an hour and wants to buy a lab top for 400 . How did I write a linear equation for this problem

 How do I write a linear equation for the above question  
Math Equations


Taylor can type 15 pages in 3/5 hour. Write an equation that can be used to represent the number of pages, y that Taylor can write in X hours.

How do I write the equation for this word problem?
Math Equations Math Math Help


There are 28 liters of soup.Marshal serves 400 milileaters in each bowl if he fills 16 bowls how much soup is left

OK so this is basically for an  assignment  tomorrow so I really need this answered 
Math Equations Math Help Math Question


How to find the radius

I need help to find the radius of aa shape 
Math Equations


Team A beat Team B by a score of 37-29. Points were scored off of Touchdowns (6points) extra points (1point) and field goals (3points). There were 4 more touchd

I need help figuring how to set the equation properly and how to solve it completely. Any input helps
Math Equations


What is the volume of the prism if the base 37.4 and the height is 5.

Its a math equation
Math Equations


what is x+7y=17

i cant understand this question
1 3 5 6 7 43

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