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Looks like you would like to solve for y.

Remember that we would like to isolate y by performing the same operations on both sides of the equation until y remains on one side by itself.

To start add 1.2 to both sides.

This gives

-7.8 + 1.2 = y/2.45 - 1.2 + 1.2.

This lets us simplify to

-6.6 = y/2.45.

Now multiply both sides by 2.45.

This gives

-6.6*2.45 = y/2.45*2.45.

Now we have

-16.17 = y.

So these operations isolated y, and we can now read the solution, y = -16.17.

Hope that helped.


I'm sure I can help you.  I'm just not sure exactly what area you need help with.  Could you offer an example problem?  "Doing proportions from decimals" needs some clarification is all.

can you help with story problems I am not good with them at all I got 4 I need help with here is the first one :A cologne can be made by mixing 2 drops of pure essence with 5 drops of distilled water. How much water should be used with 11 drops of pure essence?
drops of wate

To keep the same mixture we want the proportion to be the same.

(? DW)/(11 PE) = (5 DW)/(2 PE).  Lets call the unknown x, as is customary.

x / 11 = 5 / 2.

Multiplying both sides by 11 gives

x / 11 * 11 = 5 / 2 * 11 or

x = 55 / 2 = 27.5.

So 27.5 drops of distilled water are required.

A recipe for spaghetti sauce requires four 16-ounce bottles of ketchup to make 2 gallons of sauce. How many bottles of ketchup are needed to make 18 gallons of sauce? (Hint: Read the problem very carefully.)

A recipe for brownies calls for 4 eggs and 11

cups of flour. If the recipe makes 15 brownies, how many cups of flour will be needed to make 160 brownies?

The proper dosage of a certain medication for a 36-pound child is shown. At this rate, what would be the dosage for a 54-pound child?

OK that will be it for today I hope my math tutor at Pierce College sugested this site for me so thank you so so much

If you would like more help from me, we could set up an online session.  Check out my profile to contact me.  I do lower my rate for online tutoring.  Let me know if I can help.  I'd be happy to assist you, and it'll be much easier than working through the comments. :)

I'll set up one more, but you'll have to solve it and the work on the rest.

X bottles / 18 gal = 4 bottles / 2 gal.

If you'd like any more help, please consider hiring me for an online session via Skype and, the online whiteboard application.  It's a much more effective method for receiving tutoring online.  Thanks!