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Math Equations


What is 70 divided by 3 without a remainder

There is a remainder when I get my answer but I do not know the way without the remainder   
Math Equations


the permiter of square is 64 cm. Write and solve a multiplication equation to find the measure of each side of the square

it is solving equations
Math Equations


the sum of -10 and the product of 5 and a number is 35

the sum of -10 and the product of 5 and a number is 35  
Math Equations Math Slope Intercept Form


Kim is a math and science tutor. She offers tutoring sessions that are 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, or 3 hours long. The equation m=15h + 30 represents her charge in dollars

(continued) for a math session that is h hours long. For science, she charges the same one-time fee but a different hourly rate. She charges $105 for a 3-hour science tutoring session. Write an... more
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Find an equation of the line parallel to 7x-y=4 and passing through (7,7).

 Express the equation in standard form.
Math Equations


5 x1+1x(1 over ten)+3x(1over 100)+6x(1over1,000

how to do and how to solve it also step by step
Math Equations Math Math Help


Write an equation of the line with the given slope and the given y-intercept. Express the answer in standard form.

Slope 7/12, y-intercept (0,1/4)
Math Equations Math Math Word Problem


Algebra word problem

John was paid $10 for each door that he painted that did not need repainting by the painter. For each door that needed to be redone, he was fined $5. On a bad day, he painted 25 doors, but made a... more
Math Equations


How do I solve a trinomial

It tells me to solve -4x=10x^2-24x^3 and also says that there is 3 answers
Math Equations


translating algebra into equations.

At the mail, soda costs $1.50 and refills are 75 cents. How many refills can I have if I have $5.00.
Math Equations


What is the equation for the following. Algebra translation.

How many copies can be made if there is a $2 charge to use the copy machine and copies are 5 cents a piece?   At the mall soda costs $1.50 and refills are 75 cents. How much does it cost to buy a... more


What is the slope intercept form equation of the line that passes through (3,4) and (5,16)?

answers  a. Y=6x-14 b. Y=-6x+14 c. Y=-6x-14 d. Y=6x+14
Math Equations


how do you solve this equation?

Math Equations


Translating Algebra into mathematical equations

1.What is the cost of mailing a package if the rates is 30 cents for each ounce and $1.25 for handling? 2. An architectural plan suggests that the length of an entrance way should be one-fourth... more
Math Equations Algebra Solve Equation


Solve each equation for the indicated variable.

(x/a)+(y/b)+(z/c)=1   for a.
Math Equations Math Algebra 1


Wally blew 1/4 of his income last week on video games and 1/8 on fast foo. If he spent a combined $84 on these things, what was his income last week?

Translate the word p into an equation then solve. Please help!!
Math Equations Math Question


if x/y = y/x times 5 then what is x?

can you please help me I'm in desperate need of help
Math Equations Math



Routine she runs burning 8.5 calories per minute  she burns 22 calories walking she then runs a rate that burns 6.3 calories per minute what wou burn more calories 
Math Equations


What is the solution point to the system of equations below?

6x-3y=5   9x+3y=10
Math Equations Math Algebra 1


Evaluate the expression. 12(4^3 − 6 * 3^2)

Big Ideas Math saids that I am wrong even though I think I am right.
Math Equations


The answer to the following problem is 26: But how do I write it using parentheses, brackets and braces....8 x 5 + 8 x 1 - 2 x 6 + 6 - 2 x 2 - 1

I need help solving the question that I have already listed in the question box.
Math Equations


A restaurant sells chicken nuggets in 6-piece and 9-piece cartons

A restaurant sells chicken nuggets in 6-piece and 9-piece cartons. They sold 171 chicken nuggets in 22 cartons. That means they sold a total of __________ cartons of 6 nuggets and __________... more
Math Equations


Solve the system of equations below by using substitution

8x-y=4   -8x-5y=2
1 4 5 7 9 10 43

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