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Finding the inverse?

If f(x)=(A+Bx)/(20+4x), with Bβ‰ 0, compute f^βˆ’1(x) and f^βˆ’1(βˆ’9) in terms of A and B.



A culture of bacteria doubles in weight approximately every 2.5 hours. The number of bacteria after t hours later can be approximated by 𝑁(𝑑) = 175(2.5)t a) How many bacteria would there be... more
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popcorn and soda cost $11.00 together, the popcorn cost $10 more than the soda. how much the soda cost

there are no more details to the question
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math equation

define variables, write an equation, and then use the equation in the solving process. Β  A building has a ramp to its front doors to accommodate the handicapped. If the distance from the building... more

how do you put y=-4/6x-2 in standard form?

would the negative sign go with the numerator or denominator when you multiply all the terms by the denominator
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Calculus question help?

A bookstore can obtain the best-seller 20,000 Leagues Under the Majors from the publisher at a cost of $6 per book. The store has been offering the book at a price of $30 per copy and has been... more
Homework Maths


The sides of a rectangle are in the ratio 7:3. The perimeter of the rectangle is 40cm. Find the area of the rectangle

please answ question quick! This is due in next period!!!!!!😰😰😰😰

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