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Please help me with Spanish. I'm so confused! Thank you.

Hi. So I take online classes, and my assignment for Spanish is about demonstrative adjectives. We have not talked previously AT ALL about this before I was expected to do this assignment, and I'm... more
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must screen 175 slides under a microscope each week. If she works 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, how many slides an hour?

A lab technician must screen 175 slides under a microscope each week. If she works 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, how many slides on average must she screen an hour?
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tina brought two less than one- fourth of the number of t-shirts as maria. if tina brought three shirts, how many did maria bring

the answers are  -15  -9 -5 -20
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How do I find two solutions for both x and y when I have two sample equations?

Solve for x and y: x2 +y2 =17 There are two solutions: (x , y ) and (x , y ).                       y −1= x   Evaluate: x1 + y1 + x2 + y2 =   AND   Solve the system: x2 +y2 =37 There are two... more
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help me with this problem

here is my question: Sam left for school at 8:00, walking at a speed of 2 mph. Soon after, his father discovered that Sam left behind his project that was due that same day. Sam's father left home... more
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homework help me pls

 here is my question:Victor left his house riding his bike at a speed of 18 km/hr. When Victor was 1 2 km from his house, his brother Alex left the house riding his bike towards Victor at a rate of... more
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Woodrow needs to climb the 17-foot rope in the gym in 6 seconds to get an A. How many feet must he climb each second to earn an A?

Help I’m so confused 
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Ashton is saving money to buy a new bike. He needs $120 but has only has saved 60% so far. How much more money does he need?

 Don't understand, need help.
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9. Two plates are diverging and both are moving at a rate of 3 cm per year. How long will it take for them to move 100 km apart?

I am getting confused about this question, as i looked at a few ways got different answer but not 100% which is the right answer?
#homeworkhelp #confused #teachme Help Asap Please


i dont know the answer please help

Write an equation to determine the number of minutes (t)(t)left parenthesis, t, right parenthesis that Raymond was on the trampoline.   Find the number of minutes he was on the... more
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probability how many students are male and used marijuana in the past 6 months?

I have been looking at these questions for a few hours now and I am very confused. any help would be very much appreciated :)  Even if you only help with one question that would be great too!... more
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Homework help pls

Home base sells a 40-pound bag of all-purpose fertilizer for $12. The acquisition cost of the fertilizer to Home base is $7.30 per bag. Calculate (a) dollar markup, (b) markup, (b) markup as a... more
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Homework help pls

Maria operates a dress shop. On August 15 she buys a dress from a supplier for $80 and marks it up 60% as a percentage of selling price. (a) What is the selling price of the dress? The dress does... more
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Homework help pls

JOhn's Bakery earns a profit of $0.12 on each chocolate cupcake sold and $0.16 on each donut sold. Lastweek John sold of 5,680 cupcakes and donuts. Total profit earned on the two items was $785.... more
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Homework help

company sells $182 units of a product of a product. fixed cost is $12,800; per unit variable cost is $148. The product sells for $260. (a.) How much profit does the firm earn? (b.) suppose the... more

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