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Chemistry 100 Chemistry


What chemical is represented as NaCl?

Chemistry 100 Chemistry


What are the origins of chemistry?

Chemistry 100 Chemistry Chemistry


What is a chemical?

Chemistry 100 Chemistry


In a double replacement reaction, how many milliliters of 6.0 M phosphorus acid solution would be needed to react exactly with 25.0g of pure solid sodium

hydroxide? This is the last part of the question 
Chemistry 100 Chemistry Mass Periodic Table


what is the empirical formula?

the compound xylene consists of 90.49% C and the rest is hydrogen.What is the empirical formula?


determine the mass of each sample

1.16 mmol carbon disulfide
Chemistry 100 Chemistry Molar Mass Moles


determine the mass of the sample

1.48 mol carbon tetrafluoride 


Calculate the mass percent composition of each element in each compound.

FeCl3   Mass % of Fe, Cl   Express your answer using four significant figures
Chemistry 100 Chemistry Conversion Moles


moles chemistry question

How many moles of gold atoms do 4.50x10^24 gold atoms constitute?

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