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Haley B.

asked • 01/30/18

Calculate the Partial pressure of each gas at STP, and calculate the density at STP.

At STP, air can be considered to be a mixture of ideal gases: 21.1% O<sub>2</sub>, 78.0% N<sub>2</sub> and 1.00% Ar by volume.
a) Calculate the partial pressure of each gas at STP.

This is what I've come up with:

XN2= 21.1/100 = 0.211 x 1atm = 0.211 atm
XO2= 78.0/100 = 0.780 x 1atm = .780 atm
XAr= 1.00/100 = 0.0100 x 1atm = 0.0100 atm
b) calculate the density of air in g/L at STP.

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