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How do you solve linear equations in three variables?

Solve the system:     x-2y+z=-6 3x-6y+2z=12 -x+2y-z=6   Thank you for any helpful explanation!
Linear Equations



I need help solving this
Linear Equations


5x + 5 = 2x + 3

List the four steps and illustrate each step by either explaining why it is not applicable or by showing how you would do that step as you solve one of the equations below: 10x – 13 = 0 1/2x + 3... more
Linear Equations


Find the coordinates?

Consider the initial value problem: y'+(1/2)y=2cos(t), y(0)=-1. Find the coordinates of the first local maximum point of the solution for t>0.
Linear Equations


a small town has 26 wrecks in 1998 decreases by 2.5 per yr if this continue how many yrs will it take to get to 10 in one year

need the equations for this question
Linear Equations Quantitative Data Linear Graphs


How do you solve and plot the points for y=3x-1

How do you solve and plot the points for y=3x-1.
Linear Equations


how do I solve this problem: (1/12)x+(1/9)(2/3x+500)=1000

You invested a sum of money in a bank certificate yielding an annual return of one-twelfth of the sum invested.  A second sum of money invest in a credit union certificate yields an annual return... more

find the slope of 0.2x+2.3=1.4y

i dont know how to solve questions like these with decimals


find the value of c so that the graph of 3x-c=2y has a y-intercept of (0,5)

How do you solve this?
Linear Equations Solving Linear Equations


rewrite the point-slope equation in standard form y-1 =1/3(x+2)

should i convert it to slope-int form first or expand it?? I'm not sure how to solve this
Linear Equations


How do you graph linear equations?

How do I graph this linear equation?  y = -x
Linear Equations



Linear Equations


Last year, Pinwheel Industries introduced a new toy.

Last year, Pinwheel Industries introduced a new toy. It cost $1400 to develop the toy and $15 to manufacture each toy. Fill in the blanks below as appropriate. A.) Give a linear equation in the... more


How do you solve linear equations?i

i am having trouble solving these types of equations. 
Linear Equations Algebra


how do I convert 6x- y=-5 so that I can graph it?

I'mI am confused as to how to transform linear equations.
Linear Equations Graphing


I need help graphing Linear Equalities .

I don't know how to do this at all and I have alot of problems due like this tomorrow and I  have a big test coming up too. If I don't learn how to do this, I will fail.
Linear Equations Algebra


solve the system of linear equations by graphing. 4x - y = 0 and 3x - y = 2

this is for algebra I, I worked this problem, but I think I missed something, because my answer makes no sense
Linear Equations Solve Equations


solve y=3x-2 and what is the system

y=3x-2 y=8-2x what type of system is this?
Linear Equations Algebra Help


solve the problem 4x+5y=8

4x+5y=-8 x+2y=-8 what type of system is this?
Linear Equations


how do i understand in the simplest form linear equations using graphs, tables, slopes, and algebraically forms

greetings i am having difficulty understanding linear equations, i need your help can you explain it to me in the simplest of form, in the easiest way, and also show me how to solve them via graphs... more
Linear Equations Solving Linear Equations


write a linear equation given the following data m=3/2 b=4

write a linear equation given the following data: a)  m=3/2  b=4 b) (3, -4) (0,4) c) m=2 (-2.5, 4) Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  :)
Linear Equations Math


how do you solve linesr equqtions?

2x+3y=12 = =
Linear Equations


why does x=25 in equation 0.1(x+10)=0.3+-4?

in the last part of the steps -5/-0.2 does not equal 25 i have to divide each side by -0.2 to get x by itself
Linear Equations


How do I build an equation with an integer and solve it by the addition/subtraction method.

How do I build an equation with an integer and solve it by the addition/subtraction (elimination method)?
Linear Equations


how do I solve -2x=9 and graph?

I am having trouble understanding how to solve and graph -2x=9.

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