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please help (creating linear equation question)

The income per person over time for the United States is an approximately linear relation after 1950.(a) In 1952, the income per person in the United States was about $17 000. In 2011, theincome... more
Linear Equation Algebra Graph Consistent


x-y=4,5x-3y=8.How would I graph these?And is it consistent,dependant,or inconsistent?

I want to graph it .I need 3 ordered pais that satisfy the equation.
Linear Equation Algebra 2


find linear equation

A cab company charges a $5 boarding rate in addition to its meter which is $3 for every mile. What is the equation of the line that represents this cab company’s rate?(thxs a lot for anyone solving... more
Linear Equation


Help with math word problem

Let the variable y be the money you have saved in the bank. Let x be the amount of weeks worked. Assume you work 40 hours a week and earn $30/hr. Suppose you start with $4000 in the bank. Write a... more
Linear Equation


Sum of 2 nos is 42 & product of the same 2 nos is 36. What're those 2 nos?

The numbers which results in a sum of 42 also results in a product of 36.

How to determine whether T is linearly independent ? Justify your answer please.

Let S={X1,X2,X3} be a linearly independent set of vectors in R^3. How to determine whether T={2X1 + X2 - 2X3,4X1+ 3X2,3X1 + 2X2 - X3} is linearly independent. Justify your answer please.

Is this True or False ? Justify please

If X1,X2 and X3 are vectors in R3 such that {X1,X2} and {X1,X3} are linearly independent sets, then {X1,X2,X3} is a linearly independent set.
Linear Equation


the maximum load of a lift is 960 kg. assume the mass of each boy is 45 kg, find the maximum number of boys who may be able to ride the elevator all the time

pls answer it fast,i must use the answer tomorow.please help me
Linear Equation


Find the equation of the line through (2,3) that forms the area of 12 sq. units with the coordinates axes.

Linear Equation
Linear Equation


The ten digit of a certain two-digit number exceeds the unit digity by 4 and is 1 less than twice the one digit. Find the two-digit number?

It is a question related with topic linear equation
Linear Equation


The sum of three numbers is 10. Twice the first number plus second equals the third. Half the first number plus the second plus the third is 6. Find the numbers

I am just confused on how to set up the second equation 
Linear Equation


How many people will there be

The attendance on the first day of the Sunny Day Festival was 325 people. The attendance on the 3rd day was 382 people. Assuming the attendance will increase linearly each day, write a linear... more
Linear Equation


In equation X+2y =5,if you=0 then write the value of x

Find the value of x
Linear Equation


Sum of linear equation

Sharad brought a table and a fan together at rs 5000 . After sometime he sold the table at the gain of 25% . And the fan at gain of 20%. This he gained 23% on the whole find cost of fan
Linear Equation


Equation with 4 variables

What are the maximum numerical values for each variable in: 3x+4y+5z+6w=144   So that the equation is true, and no variable is negative.
Linear Equation Solve Symbolically


Solve The Linear Equation Symbolically

Linear Equation


\where m is the length of the call in minutes. C(m) = 0.1m + 0.9 Determine how long a phone call can be made for $6.90.

\where m is the length of the call in minutes. C(m) = 0.1m + 0.9 Determine how long a phone call can be made for $6.90.
Linear Equation


Divide 116 among four parts such that 5 added to first, 4 subtracted from second, third multiples by 3 and fourth divided by 2 give the same result

Plzz help in me solving some maths problems and few issues that r difficult and solve all solution
Linear Equation


alex is a sales representative and earns a base salary of 1000$ per month plus 4% commission om his sales for the month

A. Write a linear equation that expresses Alex's  monthly  salary y in terms of his sales x   
Linear Equation


Linear Equation

A small company produces an item that sells for $20. It costs $5 in materials to make each item. Inaddition the company has $1900 in operating costs. The company would like to make a profit of... more
Linear Equation


Represent a situation using a 1-variable linear equation

Three golden retriever dogs have an average weight of 63 pounds. The heaviest dog weighs 5 poundsmore than the dog with the middle weight. The lightest dog weighs 3 pounds less than the dog with... more
Linear Equation Linear Equations


A pharmacist wants to mix a 16% saline solution with a 26% saline solution to get 15 L of a 20% saline solution. How much of each solution should she use?

A pharmacist wants to mix a 16% saline solution with a 26% saline solution to get 15 L of a 20%saline solution. How much of each solution should she use?

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