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balloon question

a balloon was 65 feet to the right of where it was tied and 20 feet above the ground. What could be the slope of the line between the balloon and the point where it was tied?
Linear Equations


Solve using linear combination

4x-3y=10 5x+6y=-7 (Same question)

how is graphing a linear inequality similar to graphing a linear equation

 What are two major differences?  How can you tell if a point is a solution to an inequality. Is (2,3) a solution to the inequality 8x-3y>14
Linear Equations


use all three methods graphing,substitution,linear combination to solve 7x-3y=4 and -14x+6y=-8

after state how many solutions there are and give a reason please explain thanks
Linear Equations Linear Algebra Algebra Math Help


Input the equation of the given line in standard form.

The line with m = 2/3 and passing through (1, 1).
Linear Equations Linear Algebra Algebra Math Help


2x + y = 8. x + y = 4. The lines whose equations are given intersect at.

A) (4, 0)   B) (0, 4)   C) all points on the line
Linear Equations Linear Algebra Algebra Math Help


The points (2, 1), (3, 3), (4, 5), and (5, 6) are collinear.

True or False?
Linear Equations Linear Algebra Algebra Linear


Input the equation of the given line in Standard form.

The line including (3, 1)and (-2, 3).
Linear Equations Linear Algebra Algebra Equations


If a = -12/5, then 5x + 2y = 6 and 3x - ay = 4 are parallel.

True or False?
Linear Equations


Solve for y, y+3x=8x-7

You have to solve for y, but the problem is I don't get how to solve for it if we don't have x.  Will y equal to something that has x included for the answer.
Linear Equations Algebra Equations Equation


The equations of two lines re x - 3y = 6 and y = 3x + 2. Determine if the lines are parallel, perpendicular or neither.

A) parallel B) perpendicular C) neither
Linear Equations Math Word Problem Word Problems


Help solving this three-part word problem?

At $0.49 per bushel, the daily supply for wheat is 305 bushels, and the daily demand it 515 bushels.  When the price is raised to $0.73 per bushel, the daily supply increases to 545 bushels, and... more
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Linear Equations - y but not x? Is it the same as just an x?

I have a problem with linear equations. What if there is just a y, and no x? On my homework, the question is, "Solve -4y = 16"    
Linear Equations


solve sytems of linear equations

solve  8x - 6y = 14  and  12x -9y = 18       show steps
Linear Equations


how do i write and solve a system of linear equations for a story problem

scott orders a 3 topping pizza for 15.25 and a 5 topping pizza for 17.75. write and solve a system of linear equations to find the price of a plain cheese pizza (no toppings) and the cost of each... more
Linear Equations Math Grade 9


Grade 9 math help

Video club members pay an annual membership fee of $25.00, which allows them to rent movies for $3.50 instead of $5. What is the least number of videos that a club member must rent during a year to... more
Linear Equations Math Grade 9



The bill for 6 hockey tickets was 390.00 before taxes. This included a handling charge of $5 for each ticket. What was the base price for each ticket with no taxes or handling fee?   we are... more
Linear Equations Math Grade 9


Grade 9 easy math

Winnipeg had 161 days of precipitation. That is 1.4 times the number of days that Calgary had precipitation. How many days did calgary have precipitation?   We are currently learning about linear... more
Linear Equations Math Math Help


Grade 9 math

Susan charges a flat rate of $20 per night of babysitting. She also charges an extra fee of $3 per hour for every hour she works past 8pm. If susan received $32 for a night of babysitting. how late... more
Linear Equations Math


Grade 9 math help. Please

A local tour company is offering a weekend travel package special at 50% off the regular price. This is a savings of $87.45. What is the regular price of the package?   We are currently learning... more
Linear Equations Math Math Help Grade 9


Grade 9 math help!

During a ski jump,  Maiko is airborne for 8.1s. If her speed during the jump is 27.6m/s, How far did Maiko jump, to the nearest hundredth of a meter?   (We are currently learning about solving... more
Linear Equations Math Help


Easy grade 9 math! Help!

A skier takes 2 min and 24s to complete a run of 1.8km. Determine the average speed of the skier, in m's.   (We are currently learning about linear equations. If that helps at all!)   Please help! more
Linear Equations


linear equations

When graphing a linear equation, what Is the difference between a circled point point of origin with a continuous line and one that's colored in?
Linear Equations


solve the system of linear equations by substitution -3x+y=1, 4x+y=8

-3x+y=1 4x+y=8 Solve. Linear equation by use of substitution
Linear Equations


what is the solution to y=-2x+1 linear equation, in ordered pairs of 3?

How do you complete the ordered pairs so that each is a solution of the given linear equation.

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