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Do a cross between a pure dominant homozygous D and a pure recessive homozygous d. show the ratios. (D is dark and d is light.)

So i need to answer this question by tomorow and i have tried for days! If i dont have the answwer to this question then i can not answer the rest because they all have to do with this question i... more
Genetics Biology Zoology


Genotype, Phenotype, and # of F2 proginy

The curling tail of a bear follows a maternal effect where down curl tail is dominant over up curling tail. A true breeding down curled male mated with a true breeding up curled tail female and... more


Methylation in DNA and gene expression

6) What happens when you methylate the DNA. specifically, what happens to the gene expression


Tue Breeding Dihybrid Cross for F2 generation

5) A true breeding short tailed black eyed male was mated true breeding long tailed blue eyed female. Their offspring were taken and mated to make f2 generation.   3,000 long tailed black eyed... more
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Give the genotypes and expected numbers of the various types of cells she would produce. Assume no chromosomal interference.

Three loci, mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase that forms a and b (MDHa, MDHb), glucouronidase that forms 1 and 2 (GUS1, GUS2), and a histone gene that forms + and - (H+, H-), are located on... more



Assume that brown eyes (B) is dominant to blue eyes (b) and rounded chin (R) is dominant to pointy chin (r). George has brown eyes and a pointy chin. Mary has blue eyes and a rounded chin. George’s... more

Help! Please! Biology final question and I can't find anywhere in the book or online.

is it a set list of steps? Is it a formula? I cannot find it anywhere and its on my biology final. What steps are followed to sequence the gene for sickle cell anemia?  Thank you in advance!!


gentics punntte question

Colour-blindness is inherited as a sex-linked recessive trait. Eye colour is an autosomal(non-sex linked) trait in which brown eye colour is dominant to blue. A heterozygous brown eyed,... more


gentics punntte question

In tomatoes, round fruit (R) is dominant to long fruit (r), and smooth skin (S) is dominant to fuzzy (s). A homozygous dominant plant is crossed with a homozygous recessive plant. If two of the... more


gentics punntte question

The colour of feathers in birds is often determined by genes that exhibit incomplete dominance. For example, the gene for black fathers (B) may be incompletely dominant to the gene for white... more

How do I replicate this teams of DNA? ATTCGGCAAG?

Super confused 


Can a guy get either x from their mother

Can a guy get either x from their mother xx or both x combined into one x then passed to their son


draw a dihybrid cell undergoing meiosos

a. Briefly explain Mendel’s law and principles. b. Make a drawing of a dihybrid cell of genotype A/a B/b undergoing Meiosis. Make sure you label the chromosomes correctly and indicate at each major... more
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Genetics help

In the case of dalmation dogs, the non-spotted condition is recessive to the dominant spotted condition. Call the 2 alleles S for spotted and s for non-spotted. Both parents are heterozygous.   A)... more


Can suppressor mutations be reverse or intergenic? Or just intragenic?

I am reading my biology book and am having trouble understanding this concept at the end of the chapter.


Punnett square to show geno and pheno types of offsprings

for humans brown eyes are dominant (B) over blue eyes(b) what are the possible genotypes and phenotypes of their offspring showing Punnett square


how many DNA molecules exist in the human somatic cell during the synthesis stage of mitosis?

how many DNA molecules exist in the human somatic cell during the synthesis stage of mitosis?


During transcription, what happens to the RNA polymerase if a repressor protein attaches to the operator?

Can somebody help me please ?
Genetics Calculus


Genetics and Calculus Help!

1. a. If you have a population of 80 individuals where the frequency of AA is 2/5, Aa is 2/5, and aa is 1/5, find pe and qe the frequency of each allele in the egg generation.b. Find the frequency... more


phenotype ratio

Two dogs with black, short haired coats have been crossed several times and produced many litters of puppies. Altogether, they have produced puppies of the following phenotypes:18 with black, short... more
Genetics Science


After 30 cycles, calculate how much PCR product (in micrograms) could potentially be produced

 1 microgram of human genomic DNA is amplified in a PCR reaction using primers designed to amplify a 330 base pair fragment. After 30 cycles, calculate how much PCR product (in micrograms) could... more


What is the fraction of the offspring?

What is the fraction of the offspring with parents AaBBCCddEE and AaBBccDdEE will have a genotype aaBBCcddEE? I am trying to figure this out WITHOUT using the punnet square.... so what I know is:... more


chi square

In a Chi-square question you are usually given observed and you need to fill in the rest: expected, expected^2, etc. (Or you need to find the observed. But in this example observed is given) To get... more
Genetics Biology Aminoacids


Deletion, insertion or substitution of nucleotides...?

Shown below are the amino acid sequences of the wild-­-type and 4 mutant forms of a polypeptide (the amino acid sequence is taken from the middle of the protein, so there is no start or stop codon... more


noncoding DNA,

Hello, in noncoding DNA, there is repetitive DNA: heterchromatin and transposon repeats (retrotransponsons and DNA transponsons). where do both of these repetitive sequences come from? are we born... more

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