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Asked • 03/15/19

Knockout and knockdown of gene?

Out of curiosity, I got this question whether knocking out (deletion) of a gene on one side and knocking down (RNAi) of the same gene on the other side will affect the cell in a similar manner or not.If not why?If yes, is it applied to every gene?**Knock out** of a gene will correspond to no expression (gene deletion) in the cell, which can be appropriate to confirm the functional specificity, to observe processes which are affected in its absence and some other processes which are compensating the absence of the gene.**Knockdown** of a gene will result in expression defect by decreasing the level of the transcript (mRNA silencing).Now, the points which I am wondering upon are:1. no mRNA presence and silenced mRNA will create two different environments for the cell to deal with or not.2. whether the whole amount of transcript should be targeted to have the same phenotype as of gene knockout.

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