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car gets 32 miles per gallon, and gas costs x dollars, 100 dollars cost of y-mile trip, find f(x)

find a formula for a function y = f(x) such that if your car gets 32 miles per gallon and gasoline costs x dollars per gallon, then 100 dollars is the cost of taking a y-mile trip
Functions Word Problem Pre Calculus Functions College Algebra


Write piecewise function T(x), then calculate T(2), T(3), and T(5)

A hotel chain charges $75 each night for the first two nights and $50 for each additional night’s stay. Thetotal cost function T is a function of the number of nights x that a guest stays. Write... more


Find the maximum area of the enclosed rectangle using a function.

A family wants to build a fence around a rectangular area of their backyard using their house as one side of the rectangle. The family has $2400 to spend on the fence and is considering using... more
Functions Word Problem


You drop a stick from a height of 64 feet. How many seconds does your stick hit the ground?

I just don't understand this at all. Please help.
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A company launches 4 new products.

The market price, in dollars, of the four products after a different number of years, x, is shown in the following table:    Product 1 | f(x)=4x+8| $12 | $16 | $20 Product 2 | g(x)= 2^x| $2   |... more
Functions Word Problem


Word Problem

The fuel efficiency F for a particular car is given by F(x) = -0.018x2 + 1.656 + 4.4. Where x is the speed of the car in miles per hour (mph) and F(x) is the core fuel efficiency in miles per... more
Functions Word Problem


Word Problem

The fuel efficiency for a particular car is given by f(x) = -0.018x2 + 1.656x + 4.4. Where x is the speed of the car in miles per hour and f(x) is the fuel efficiency in miles per gallon (mpg).... more
Functions Word Problem


can someone help me to solve this. f(4/8) where f(x) = (6/x) - (3/x)

 I cannot find the result of this question can someone help me to solve this?
Functions Word Problem Algebra Word Problem


Estimate the temperature of a 78 degree room after the air conditioner has been on for 4 minutes and 12 minutes.

When an air conditioner is turned on maximum in a bedroom at 78°, the temperature, T, in the room after A minutes can be approximated by the function T(A)=−0.02A2−0.32A+78, 150≤A≤15. Estimate the... more
Functions Word Problem


An open box with a square base is required to have a volume of 10 cubic feet.

Express the amount (A) of the material used to make such a box as function of the length of (x) of a side of the square base. 
Functions Word Problem Precalculus



an organization determines that the cost per person of chartering a bus is given by the formula c(x)= 250+7x/x write the number of people, x, as a function of c
Functions Word Problem


cost function equation

A small firm observed that as the number of units of its product increases from 5000 to 7500,the total cost of production increases from $20,000 to $25,000. It was further observed that revenue... more
Functions Word Problem


Ron get a 1.5 mile head start while running at a constant speed of 4.5mph. Bob runs a constant 10mph. How long will it take for Bob to catch-up with Ron?

Ron get a 1.5 mile head start while running at a constant speed of 4.5mph. Bob runs a constant 10mph. How long will it take for Bob to catch-up with Ron?
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Function problem

F(x)=4x^2-16 how can the domain of function f be restricted so that f^-1 is also a function? what is the equation of f^-1?
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After 6 hours, how much snow has fallen? And if your walkway is 2ft by 8ft, how much snow do you have to shovel to clear it off (after all the snow has fallen)

Now's the time for snow to fall. On December 27th (during winter break), it snows for eight hours. The first half hour, it snows at a rate of 1 inch per hour. The next 2 and a half hours, it snows... more
Functions Word Problem Formulas


Height Function

The height in feet h above the earth for sky divers t seconds after jumping from an airplane flying at a height of 6400 feet above the ground is approximated by the formula:h(t)=-16t2+6400subject... more
Functions Word Problem Functions Function


Solve the following word problem.

A movie theater is reordering popcorn buckets for the concession stand. The cost for buckets (b) decreases if they are purchased in bulk. Additionally, the movie theater gets a $2.00 discount on... more
Functions Word Problem Functions Function


Solve the following word problem.

The speed (in feet per second) of a ball tossed up in the air can be represented by the function v(t)=32|t|+5 where t is time in seconds. Based on this function, at what time would the speed of the... more
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Find the maximum height of a model rocket launch algebraically.

A model rocket is launched with an initial velocity of 120 ft/sec from a height of 80ft. The height of the rocket t seconds after it has been launched is given by the function s(t)=-16t^2 +120t +... more
Functions Word Problem


Function word problem

Accident rate-- According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the accident rate as a function of the age of the driver in years x can be approximated by the function... more
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Precalculus Functions and Graphs Word Problem

A ball is thrown from 5 inches above the ground. After 2 seconds, the ball reaches a maximum height of 9 inches, and then lands back on the ground 5 seconds after it was thrown. Write a function... more


Functions Need Help

At an amusement park, a person spends $30 on admission and food, and then goes on r number of rides thatcost $2 each.     a. State the dependent and independent variables.   b. Write an... more
Functions Word Problem


A first number plus twice a second number is 11. Twice the first number plus the second totals 31. Find the numbers .

The smaller of the number is? The bigger of the two number is ?
Functions Word Problem


Find the cost function C(x) associated with operating the snow plow for x hours.

Bea T. Howen, a sophomore college student, lost her scholarship after receiving a D in her "Music Appreciation" course. She decided to buy a snow plow to supplement her income during the winter... more


f(x) is a quadratic funtion in standard form where a=1, b=7, and c=-11. What is f(-4)?

I'm quite confused on this one. I know the formula for a quadratic function is ax^2+bx+c, right? This is a disaster! I have finals next week and I'm not understanding any of these review questions...

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