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P(x,y) is an arbitrary point on the parabola y=x^2

A= Express the distance "d" from "P" to the Point A(0,1) as a function of the y-coordinate of P   B= What is the minimum distance "d" 

pre calc question

A farmer has 360 meters of fencing and wants to fence off a rectangular field that borders a straight river. He needs no fence along the river. What are the dimensions of the field that has the... more

pre calc question

4. Shannon’s cat, Poochie, loves boxes. She wants her finance to make a box for Poochie so that Poochie can jump in the box and sit whenever she wants. To make sure Poochie has enough room, the... more

pre calc question

 2. A farmer has 150 feet of fencing he is using to create a lot for his pack of llamas. he wants to keep them secluded in this fence which boarders his barn so they can no longer spit on his... more

Is it possible for a function to be symmetrical and yet neither even or odd? Explain.

symmetrical and neither even or odd?

Parametric given the rectangular equation and one parametric equation

y=2sqrt(2x-3)+5; Domain x = (4,8); x(t) = 3t-5

cot/2= squareroot 3/3

cot   √3 —  = — 2       3

The roots of f(x) are 3, 4, and 2. What are the roots of f(x^2+1)

please show work

Supposed that f(x)= x^2+2x-8

a) What are the coordinates of the vertex?   b) Find the x-intercepts using algebra.  

For the following function....

f(x)= -x+1    if -1<= (read this as less than or equal to) x<1   f(x)= 2         if x=1   f(x)= x^2.    if x>1     a) find f(0)   b) find f(1)   c) find f(2)   d) determine... more

n2tcost - cos2tsint = 0 on the interval 0≤t≥2Π

Solve algebraically, exact solutions only, sin2tcost - cos2tsint = 0 on the interval 0≤t≥2Π

Precalculus Functions and Graphs Word Problem

A ball is thrown from 5 inches above the ground. After 2 seconds, the ball reaches a maximum height of 9 inches, and then lands back on the ground 5 seconds after it was thrown. Write a function... more

A circle centered at the origin meets the line -7x+24y=625 tangentially. Find coordinates for the point of tangency.

Please explain how to get the answer step by step.

what is the best option to verify sec(y)cos(y)=1

options   a. cot u =sin (u)/cos(u) b. sec(-u)=sec(u) c. 1+tan^2(u)=sec^2(u) d.cos (u)=1/sec(u)  

Pre Calculus

Find the exact value of the expression tan(7pi/12) a) 2(1+√3)-2 b) 2(1-√3)-2 c) -2(1+√3)-2 d) -2(1-√3)-2

Pre Calculus

Use the given triangle to evaluate the trigonometric expression. The graph is a right triangle, the side on the y-axis =5 and the side o the x-axis =12. The hypotenuse is not given. sin(y/2)=? a)... more

Pre Calculus

Find the value for cos(x/2) if the following conditions hold: sin(x)=-12/13  and x is in quadrant 3 a) -√17/6 b) -√7/24 c) -√7/6 d) -√17/24

If 900 pounds of materials are placed in the vault, how much time would need to pass for only 357 pounds to remain?

The function A = A0e-0.01155x models the amount in pounds of a particular radioactive material stored in a concrete vault, where A0 is the original amount of material and x is the number of years... more

Write the expansion of: (x - y)^6

I am confused in this subject and it is very difficult to learn this subject on my own

Challenge Trigonometry Explanation, i don't understand what the question is asking me for.

So my teacher asked us challenge problems for this 1.Is the statement tan(x-y)=tan(x)-tan(y) true for all values of x and y? 2.Given the sum and difference identities for sine and cosine, explain... more

What is the value of sec(x)?

If sin(x) cot(x) = 1/4, what is the value of sec(x)?

Find sin theta

If secΘ = 5/3 and 0° < Θ < 90°, find sinΘ
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