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Algebra 1 Translations on a coordinate plane

Coordinates of ABCA (-7,9)B (7,2)C (-2,-6)Translation vector (9,0) Coordinates of A'B'C( , )( , )( , )Translation vector (0,-12)Coordinates of A'B'C( , )( , )( , )Translation vector... more


Excel graph in AutoCAD automatically update?

Is there a way to have my Excel charts in an AutoCAD layout that automatically updates based on changes made in the spreadsheet? Right now I'm having to manually copy and paste each chart every... more

Create a pie chart from distinct values in one column by grouping data in Excel?

I have an Excel document containing information from a survey. I want to create a pie chart over location (countries).How can I make Excel group all the distinct values together and then display... more


Compared to the parent function y = (3)^x, the function y = (4/3)(3)^(x+7) - 4 is

Compared to the parent function y = (3)^x, the function y = (4/3)(3)^(x+7) - 4 is   A. stretched by a factor of 4/3, shifted right by 7, and shifted down by 4 B. shrunk by a factor of 4/3,... more


there were more people who preferred cranberyy blast

this question is on page 19 in the comparing and scaling section and is question number 1a
Charts Graphing


four ordered pairs on y=2/x

graph the function y=2/x. draw chart to show at least four ordered pairs that are on the graph

A company launches 4 new products.

The market price, in dollars, of the four products after a different number of years, x, is shown in the following table:    Product 1 | f(x)=4x+8| $12 | $16 | $20 Product 2 | g(x)= 2^x| $2   |... more

Writing explicit/recursive rules and finding sequence?

1. Write a recursive rule for the sequence 10,18,26,34...   2.Write a recursive function for the sequence 1,-2,-5,-8...   (Chart) Leia sells homemade bars, the profit she makes in dollars, y,... more

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