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which of the following is equivalent to 3-2x<5? (a) x<1 (b) x>1 (c) x<-1 (d) x>-1

im working on a practice test to and I really get confused wih some math and algeba problems so i need help


Through how many degrees will the larger wheeler rotate if the smaller one rotates 230°?

Two wheels are rotating in such a way that the rotation of the smaller wheel causes the larger wheel to rotate.The radius of the smaller wheel is 10.6 centimeters and the radius of the larger wheel... more
Study Guide World History 1


Who is Louis XVi

i dont  know the answers for a test i need to practice them 


Choose the polynomial written in standard form

A. 2x2y2 + 3x4y + 10x6 B. 4x4y2 + 6x3y5 + 10x C. -3x8y2 + 9x2y + 10x2  D. -7x6y2 + x3y8 + 10x2



If h(x) = 3x - 1 and j(x) = -2x, solve h[j(2)] and select the correct answer below.    A. -11  B. 11 C. -13 D. 13


A company launches 4 new products.

The market price, in dollars, of the four products after a different number of years, x, is shown in the following table:    Product 1 | f(x)=4x+8| $12 | $16 | $20 Product 2 | g(x)= 2^x| $2   |... more
Study Guide Algebra 1 Functions


Functions f(x) and g(x) are described as follows

(This question is on my study guide for the final exam and I do not fully understand how to solve this. Can somebody please show me how to so I can be better prepared for my exam?)  :-)    F(x)... more
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Joseph smith founded the church of jesus christ of latter day

Commonly known as the mormon church in the 1830s
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what led dred scott to sue for his freedom

what led dred scott to sue for his freedom
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Solve | -2x + 3| + 8 > 13 and graph the solution?

graph the solution and solve
Study Guide Prealgebra Graphs


Study Guide Math Problem... HELP!

A survey about the student government program at a school finds the following result:  190 students like the program  135 students dislike the program  220 students plan on running for student... more
Study Guide History Western Rome


the Fall of Western Rome

have a test coming up about the fall of western Rome, and need to know as much information as possible. When did the Fall of western Rome occur? what caused the fall of Rome? what were major... more

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