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Functions Word Problem Word Problem Function Function Values


For the given function, Find the following function values.

f(x)=³√x+3   Find f(-30) Find f(-128) Find f(5) find f(61)   Show ALL work
Functions Word Problem


Jessica had $150 in her savings account after her first week of work. She then started adding $35 each week to her account for the next 5 weeks.

Make a x y table to represent the balance of the savings account. 
Functions Word Problem


An equilateral triangle is inscribed in a circle of radius r. Express the circumference C of the circle as a function of the length x of a side of the triangle

An equilateral triangle is inscribed in a circle of radius r. Express the circumference C of the circle as a function of the length x of a side of the triangle.
Functions Word Problem


With these restictions and guidlines...What is the minimum cost?

A rectangular box with an open top is to have a volume of 12 cubic meters. The length of the box is three times that of the width. The material to make the base consts $16 per squate meter and the... more
Functions Word Problem Word Problem Functions


Functions word problem

Christina owns a few fruit trees in her backyard and sells the fruit when it's ready. If her peach tree produces "p" pounds of fruit a day at a cost of f(p), what do the following expressions... more
Functions Word Problem


Costs for units are:10 for $7.50,15 for $8.75,20 for $10.00 and 25 for $11.25. write a function to represent the costs

How do you write a function for this? What are the steps?  Do you figure out the common difference for each word?
Functions Word Problem


a car is $45.99 a day with 150 free miles. after the 150 its $.25 a mile. what's the equation

a rental car costs $45.99 a day with 150 free miles. After the 150 miles, every mile driven is $.25.  Whats the function?  


This question is about functions, domains, and ranges. Please solve this word problem

federal express charges lucy $18 for pick up and then asses a fee of $1.45 per lb to ship a package. Write an equation that shows the relationship between the total shipping charge (c) and the... more
Functions Word Problem Calculus 1


Word Problem that asks to give the monthly cost as a function of x

A cell phone plan has a basic charge of $35 a month.The plan includes 400 free minutes and charges 10 cents for each additional minute of usage. Write the monthly cost C as a function of the number... more
Functions Word Problem


Each day Tanya decides to do something nice for two strangers. Find the recursive and explicit functions.

I don't know how this works.  Would the recursive just be F(N)= 2?  
Functions Word Problem


The revenue function for a school group selling n bookmarks is given by R(n)=2n, and the total cost function is given by C(n)=144+0.80n

a) Find P(n)= R(n) - C(n) What does the combined function P(n) represent? b) Determine the number of bookmarks that need to be sold for the school group to break even
Functions Word Problem Geometry Word Problems


Geometry Function Question?

A farm has the shape of a rectangle with an equilateral triangle on one end of the rectangle and a semicircle on the opposite end of the rectangle. The length of the rectangle is three times the... more
Functions Word Problem


write and graph a function that represents the situation

write and graph a function that represents the situation, a population of 15,000 increases by 8.5% each year
Functions Word Problem Math Algebra 2 Calculus


Finding profit function with integration with fixed costs! Help!

Suppose the marginal cost function (=supply curve) for these cell phone subscriptions is given by: p= C'(q)= 12.417 + 0.8884q p= domain input q= output. a) assume the fixed cost for these cell... more
Functions Word Problem Precalculus Algebra Functions


Break even point!! Help!!!

Scenario with formulas: Cost Function C(Q)= 8q+3200 Revenue Function R(Q)= -10p^2+850p ( in terms of q,  (1/10q^2)+85q ...? I think?) Find the break even point(s) for this scenario. Identify the... more
Functions Word Problem


Suppose a tsunami has traveled 250 miles in 45 minutes and then traveled 630 miles after 2 hour. State the coordinates as to where the tsunami started ?

Question is about functions and graphs 
Functions Word Problem Algebra Word Problem


You and your friend plan spend 45 minutes delivering advertisements. You can deliver all advertisements in 90 minutes.

Write an equation that gives the fraction (y) advertisements that your friend can deliver alone as a function of the time (t) in minutes.
Functions Word Problem Algebra 2 Functions


Help with Algebraic Functions word problem.

Karen bakes cookies. She has observed that the number of cookies that turn out well in each batch varies with the size of the batch and is given by the function f(x) = 2x – 23, where x is the size... more
Functions Word Problem Algebra 2 Algebra Functions


Algebraic Functions help.

Bruce pitches for his little brother's baseball team. He has observed that the number of pitches a batter hits varies and is given by the functionf(x) = x – 11, where x is the number of pitches and... more
Functions Word Problem


Is it linear or nonlinear?

A football is placed on the ground to kick a field goal. The height of the ball is a function of the time in seconds. Does the path the football follows after being kicked represent a linear or... more
Functions Word Problem


How do I solve this word problem

The Connecticut River flows at a rate of 4 km/hr. In order for a cruiser to travel 60 km upriver and in a total of 8 hr, how fast must the boat be able to travel in still water?
Functions Word Problem


find a function

the populaion of scorpions starts at 25 in your house. they increase at a rate of 58% annually. Write a function showing the growth rate and then caculate the rate after 3 years
Functions Word Problem


What is the function of the question below?

The distance you travel while hiking is a function of how fast you hike and how long you hike at this rate. You usually maintain a speed of three miles per hour while hiking. Write a statement that... more
Functions Word Problem


word problem

sally can jog 8mph along paved road, but only 3mph in the sand on the beach. Because of a river between houses, it is necessary to jog in the sand to the rodd, continue in the road, and then jog... more

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