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Which of the following is NOT a reason The Declaration of Independence states that the legislative branch is ineffective?

A. The king does not let officials pass laws. B. The king refused to agree to laws that were established for the good of the colonists. C. The king has officials that disagree with him removed. ... more

Which of the following was NOT a transgression the Declaration of Independence mentions the king committing?

A. Failing to provide a military presents. B. Denying a trial by jury. C. Preventing the colonies’ trade with other counties. D. Imposing taxes.

Why did the patriots include that Governments should not be overthrown for small disagreements

A. To show the steps of how to overthrow a government. B. To prevent people from overthrowing the new government they are forming. C. To explain why they waited so long before going forward with... more

How were the 13 colonies already living up to the spirit of ‘76

What is this??? Idk how to answer this question for my homework that is due tomorrow please help

The Declaration of Independence can best be described as what type of text?

The Declaration of Independence can best be described as what type of text?   A. literary text B. informational text C. persuasive text D. political rant

Which of the following was established by the Declaration of Independence

A: a new country  b: a representative government c: a monety system d: the right to vote

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