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How is Canterbury Cathedral related to the story of Thomas à Becket?

My question is based on the book The Anglo Saxon and Medieval Periods 
English Iii Child Development


Sarah has shown and goal attributes.

 Sarah has a flair for architecture. She has had good grades all through college. She wishes to become an architect at the renowned company ‘Terra Design’. Which attributes regarding the SMART goal... more


Native American literature is rooted in oral traditions. These were generally transmitted by tribal shamans and chief leaders

I think the answer is false because Native American is not rooted in oral traditions. 
English Iii


In the play, The Crucible, how are books both respected and the cause of suspicion in Act One?

I do not understand what this question is even asking and I need it answered by tomorrow. Please help.
English Iii English Reading Literature


can someone help me come up with 5 class discussion questions please? (read the description)

can someone help me come up with 5 class discussion questions? The book we are reading in class is the little prince, and we have a class discussion coming up. the themes that I picked are... more


In his Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, Jefferson argues that the impulse for belief and religion comes from ____.

The options are:   -the official Anglican Church -the free, reasoning mind -fallible, uninspired minds -church emoluments and privileges   I have read the text of the Virginia Statute and am... more


1.In his Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, Jefferson argues that the impulse for belief and religion comes from _____.

2.According to Jefferson, all people have a free mind given to them by God. This mind is free to believe according to reason and evidence. What freedom does this give people that threatens... more


an empire invades a country whose people have no concept of ownership property or specialized labor the invaders from the locals to adopt the was of the empire.

which example best tells this story through allegory?   A). A lazy cat is content to watch mice scurry along the floor until the cat's owner forces it to hunt to survive.    B). A horde of... more
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Lord of the Flies themes!!

Complete this theme chart show examples of the six themes from Chapters 4-6.  1. Summarize a passage from the story that demonstrates each theme. 2. Use a direct quote(s) from the novel in your... more
English Iii


How would the story, McBuns! by: Trisha Kay Kayden, change if it was told by a different narrator?

 from the text Chicken Soup for the Soul- Children with Special Needs
English Iii


What point of view does the poet express in these lines?

"Avaunt! to-night my heart is light. No dirge will I upraise, But waft the angel on her flight with a pæan of old days! Let no bell toll!—lest her sweet soul, amid its hallowed mirth, Should catch... more
English Iii


need answer

Match each stage from Freytag's Pyramid to its function in a plot. A. Exposition The main conflict is resolved. B. Rising action Events occur that heighten the tensions... more

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