Reema N.

asked • 04/14/20

What is the answer to this question

What is wrong with this sentence?

The new student is nearly seven-feet tall, I really hope he wants to join our basketball team.

A. It’s a fragment

B. It’s a run-on

C. There’s a spelling mistake

D. The comma is not needed after “tall”

Julia B.

The most obvious error is the comma splice: there should be a period, not a comma, after "seven feet tall." Using a comma here instead of a period creates a run-on sentence. The second error is the hyphenation of "seven-feet". The new student is simply "seven feet tall." Seven modifies only the word feet. An adjective phrase is hyphenated when the two (or more) words preceding a noun together constitute an adjective phrase, e.g. "This skirt has a two-and-a-half-inch hem," or "The garage entrance has an eight-foot clearance."


Anna L.

A. A fragment consists of an incomplete thought. Since there is both a subject and a verb in this sentence (the bare minimum for a complete thought), it's not a fragment. So A is out. B. Bingo. It's a run-on. You already have a subject ("student") and verb ("is") to complete your thought. But then the sentence continues with another whole subject ("I") and verb ("hope") combo. Now, to make this a correct sentence, all you would have to do is add a comma and a conjunction (and, but, yet, or, etc.), but there's only a comma and no conjunction. Therefore, it's got to be a run-on. C. Do you see any spelling mistakes? Didn't think so. D. Not quite. While the comma by itself is incorrect, if you left it out it would just be even more of a run-on sentence. To make it NOT a run-on sentence, you need both the comma AND the conjunction after the first complete thought.


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Tamar S. answered • 04/14/20

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