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To what extent should you help injustice even if it is outside of your community?

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The Scarlet Letter Question

Question: In this excerpt Hawthorne devotes much time to describing the scaffold before having Hester climb it to take her place. In seven to ten complete sentences, explain how this detail helps... more


Grammatical Error

Underlined words have an error. How to change the underlined words for it to have no error? I'm not sure with my analysis1. The success of a leader lays, not only on the leader's ability to... more


English Grammar

The answer key only showed the underlined words having the errors, but it didn't have an explanation. I'm not sure if my answers are correct. I asked the opinions of other people and they gave me... more
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What would be the content of your message?

If you has chance to be the chairman of your state and you were asked to give it 5 minutes speech air time on television to talk to the people in your community , what would be the content of your... more
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tennyson makes use of which devices in the lines: “It may be that the gulfs will wash us down: / It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles”?

tennyson makes use of which devices in the lines: “It may be that the gulfs will wash us down: / It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles”? Mark all that applya. Allusionb. Parallelismc. Similed.... more
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Never frighted hare fled to cover, or fox to earth, with more terror of mind than I do to this retreat." Is the image used here a simile or a metaphor?

Can than be used as a signal in similes? Is this image a simile?
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English Technical Writing and presentation Skills compulsory

for effective and persuasive messages, the AIDA plan is used. Write an example explaining the concept.


Reported speech

Mark: "Has the lesson started?"Mark asked me _________________________.my guess is: had the lesson started.Justin: What were you doing when I joined?Justin asked us_________________________my guess... more
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I need help! please can someone help me out this is due tomorrow please !

“Continually, a bell rings in my heart.I was supposed to go somewhere, to some other place,Tense from the long waitWhere do you go, will you take me“With you, on your horses, down the river, with... more


Explain how John Proctor in The Crucible play is (or is not) a romantic hero. Why ?

Can you please provide some evidence from the crucible ^^


Help please! Thank you very much.

Should the Commonwealth of Massachusetts reinstate the death penalty or should the maximum punishment be life in prison?2 or 3 paragraph
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Help me analyze this poem in a paragraph!?

A Small Needful FactRoss GayIs that Eric Garner workedfor some time for the Parks and Rec.Horticultural Department, which means,perhaps, that with his very large hands,perhaps, in all likelihood,he... more
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Help me analyze this poem in a paragraph!!?

For What Binds UsJane HirshfieldThere are names for what binds us:strong forces, weak forces.Look around, you can see them:the skin that forms in a half-empty cup,nails rusting into the places they... more
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I need help understanding this phrase

Here is a conversation:Albert: “Why have you been giving me the cold shoulder all week?” Edison: “You noticed already? Wow, you’re a real Einstein tonight.” Albert: “Alright I’m done cozying up to... more
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I need help understanding this phrase

Here is a conversation Kayla: Can you believe the blanket we got over the lawn yesterday!Taylor: Yeah it was crazy I thought we were going to be flies in a spider’s web!Kayla: Me too! Plus it was... more


Write these quotes as reported speech

4. He said, "I ate too much pizza last night".5. He said, "I've just run five miles".6. He said, "I'm really tired now".7. He said, "I've had loads of schoolwork to do".8. She asked, "Do you... more


Are these sentences correct? I am trying to make them past perfect.

Question: Has anything ever gone wrong for you?Answer: Yes. I had lost my keys when I was going to travel to my parents house.Question: Did you lose your keys?Answer: I had lost my keys... more


What is the answer to this question

What is wrong with this sentence?The new student is nearly seven-feet tall, I really hope he wants to join our basketball team.A. It’s a fragment B. It’s a run-onC. There’s a spelling mistake D.... more


i have a problem with english sentence

hi friends. im in doubt of understanding this sentence which i bold it...i appreciate any help: ‘In the olden days,’ Steyve Colgan, a retired Metropolitan Police officer, told me, ‘[patrols] were... more
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Is Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice written from a classicist, romanticis, or realist perspective?

Why? What are lines from the book to prove so?


the mean of a sentence in English

hi everyone . i have problem to understand a sentence which i bold it in the following text, i'm appreciate help me to catch the mean : ( its about a family who running a park business )WOMAN : So... more
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Writing Style and Usage

Is it OK to use the term, "etc." when writing lists of people?
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When we read, we can apply different critical perspectives or ________ to our reading.

A. IssuesB. AuthorsC. LensesD. Texts
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Macbeth English 12 assignment

1.) Compare and contrast The Weird Witches and Lady Macbeth with key quotes?2.) What mood is present in the scene with lady Macbeth and her son in Act 4?

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