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Name two conversion factors that relate cupcw to fluid ounces.

this is about conversion, I would need help on it because I forgot and am not quite sure
Elementary (k 6th) Elementary Math 6th Grade


Use dimensual analysis to convert 9 teaspoons to tablespoons

Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Math 6th Grade


Which weighs more: a watermelon that weighs 7.5 kilograms or a baby that weighs 12 pounds? Explain your reasoning. Note: 1 pound is about 0.45 kilograms.

The answer is watermelon but I don't know how to get it
Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Math 6th Grade


Lin runs 5 laps around a track in 6 minutes. How many laps per minute is that?

Please add an explanation. Minutes per lap is 1.2 minutes.
Elementary (k 6th) Math


need the anwser

Edward buys 12.4 kg of sugar for his bakery. If he pours 0.02 kg of sugar into separate bags, how many bags of sugar can he make? 
Elementary (k 6th)


Brain builders for 2 grade

228 students like read 293 students light blue 154 students like green how many more students like red or green than blue explain
Elementary (k 6th) Math


What is .9375 as a reduced fraction? (short answer please)

I haven't learned how to do this in math yet and it is Sunday and due tomorrow morning.
Elementary (k 6th)


Elementary math

If 3/4 of a sum of money is $80.25, then how much would 2/5 of the same sum of money be?
Elementary (k 6th)


David has three fewer than four times as many marbles as Ann

Write a variable expression to represent the relationship and tell what the variables mean
Elementary (k 6th)


Use a traditional clock face to determine the next three terms in the following sequence.

5,10,3,8,1, ?,?,?  
Elementary (k 6th) Math Money Math Math Word Problem


Elemntary Problem Solving Question

A shopkeeper buys some books for £80. If he had bought 4 more books for the same amount, each book would have cost £1 less. Find the number of books he bought?   Thank You
Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Math Word Problem


Road trip question

on a trip Liam agreed to drive 2/3 of the total distance if Jessica drove the remaining distance. Upon completing his share of driving, Liam fell asleep. When Liam awoke, Jessica still had 20% of... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Math Word Problem


up and down natural number

in an up-and-down natural number, the digits increase to a maximum digit and then decrease. This maximum is not the first or last digit. (Example: 256850 is an up-and-down number, but 255876 is... more


Josh has toy soldiers and needs to arrange them.

Josh has more than 250 toy soldiers. when he tries to arrange them in rows of 3, there are 2 left over. When he tries to arrange them in rows of 5, there are 2 left over. When he tries to arrange... more
Elementary (k 6th) Fifth Grade Math


What does a non regular polygon look like

an image or details of lines if it is regular or not plz plz i need ur help  
Elementary (k 6th)


How many vehicles carry 3 crew members?

There are 24 space patrol vehicles in a hanger. Some of the vehicles carry 3 crew members. The others carry 4 crew members. All 86 crew members are at a briefing. How many vehicles carry 3 crew... more
Elementary (k 6th) Elementary math (k 6th)


Word Problem

A volleyball league organizer collected $2,040 for both divisions of volleyball teams. The Blue division costs $160 per team and the Red division costs $180 per team. How many teams will play in... more

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