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Question about average thickness, standard deviation and probability distribution

Each manufacturer of sliced bread has to choose how thin to slice their bread. It turns out that sliced bread in the US has an average thickness (μ) of 9.2mm, a standard deviation (σ) of 2.5mm, and... more
Probability Distribution


Please help out

A financial analyst has found out that,policy holders are four times as likely to file two claims as to file four claims.If the number of claims filed has a Poisson distribution,what is the... more
Probability Distribution


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A random variable X has poisson distribution with mean equal to 0.4.what is the probability that the random variable is greater than Zero?
Probability Distribution


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A discrete random variable has probability mass function,P(X=n)= (1/2)nlet Y= {1, For x is even -1, For x is odd}find the expected value of Y; (E[y])
Probability Distribution


Find the probability

Pollsters are concerned about declining levels of cooperation among persons contacted in surveys. A pollster contacts 97 people in the 18-21 age bracket and finds that 82 of them respond and 15... more
Probability Distribution


If the probability distribution for the random variable X is given in the​ table, what is the expected value of​ X?

If the probability distribution for the random variable X is given in the table, what is the expected value of X?   Xi -3, 1, 4 Pi .4, .5, .1   E(X)=


I need help with 1) Y~B(10, 0.5) Compute P(1<Y<4)= 2) Mean of 𝑥 =10, Variance of 𝑥 =16 and 𝑥 has a Normal Distribution Pr(5< 𝑥 <17)=?

i need a help with my question for homework . i need help because the professor went a quit fast in the online class. he doesn't provide good example. If anyone wanna explain it to me to how to do... more
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Please Help me to answer this question. Justify your answer please

A student council has five seniors, four juniors, three sophomores, and two freshmen as members. In how many ways can a four member council committee be formed that includes one member of each class?


Please help me to answer these questions for cumulative distribution of the random variable X

The cumulative distribution of the random variable X is given by G(x) = 0                    for x<0            3x2-2x3          for 0≤x<1            1                   for x ≥1 a)Find the... more
Probability Distribution


Discrete Random Variable

Could you please help me with the following question   Question: Is the following a Discrete Random Variable? If not, give a reason.   P(X=x) = x/6, where X = 0, 1, 2, 3   Thank you in advance
Probability Distribution Permutation And Combination


Find how many 4 digits numbers can be formed from the 6 digits, 2,3,5,7,8, and 9, without repeating any digit.

Also find how many of these numbers are; a) Less than 7,000 b) Odd
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Easy question however, I somehow can't do it

a pupil travels to school either by MRT or by bus. Th probability that the pupil will be late for school is 1/12 if he travels by MRT and 1/9 if he travels by bus. a) if he travels by bus on two... more
Probability Distribution


what is the value of P(X=2 or X =0)

using probability distribution table. 


Discrete probability distributions

If you select a red diamond picture card (i,e.) a card that doesn't have a number on it) you win $100. It costs $10 to play this game. What is your expected earnings? if you played this game 10,000... more
Probability Distribution


Probability distribution question

You play a game of rolling 2 dice. You lose the game if you roll an 11 before you roll a 7. You continue to roll until either an 11 or 7 appear. What is the probability that you will lose the game... more
Probability Distribution


Finding a distribution

Hey, I'm having trouble understanding the following question:Consider the random variable X that can take on the values1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Assume that the numbers are equallylikely. Hence the... more
Probability Distribution Probability Stats


Probability Distribution

The probability distribution for a random variable x is given in the table. find the probability that x≥ 5.   x -10,-5, 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 Probability .20, .15, .05, .1, .25, .1, .15 
Probability Distribution


Multivariate normal distribution

1. Suppose that (i) ε ∼ N(0,σ2); (ii) X∼N(μ,τ2); (iii) ε⊥X; (iv) Y =α+βX+ε. (a) Find the conditional distribution of Y given X = x. This is the answer: (a) Y|X=x∼N(α+βx,σ2)But I have no idea how to... more
Probability Distribution


Three people are selected at random from eight men and six women. The random variable is the number of man selected.

Question is from Finite Math

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