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Percentiles Elementary Math Mode


I can't seem to work these problems...

The following numbers describe the length of time 50 students took to complete a particular exam. Minimum = 34 minutesMedian = 52 minutesMean = 61 minutesMaximum = 125 minutes Semara took 52... more


bell-shaped distribution

The mean price of new homes from a sample of houses is $155,000 with a standard deviation of $15,000.The data set has a bell-shaped distribution.Between what two prices do 95% of the houses fall?... more


Use the following data to calculate the percentage difference due to gender and comment

events (world record)         1975            1985             1995               2005 men's 100m                       9.95s           9.93s            9.84s              9.77s women's 100m     ... more


Percentile Question!!

A random variable x has a normal distribution in the 50th percentile for x is 5. What is the mean of x?
Percentiles Math Statistics


Compute the Mean & Standard Deviation from percentile values of a distribution

I have been given values for 10%, 50% and 90% of a distribution. From these numbers, how can I compute the mean and standard deviation?   I'll give an example....Temperature distribution 10th... more


If a student scores a 54% and is in the 90th percentile, how well did the class do?

Need help answering this question: If a student scores a 54% and is in the 90th percentile, how well did the class do?


Scores for an entry exam to a university...?

Scores for an entry exam to a university are normally distributed with a mean of 75 and a standard deviation of 6.5: a) If the top 5% are admitted with a full scholarship, what is the lowest score... more


how to find percentiles

find the 75th and 90th percentiles for the data 0-100

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