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Converting Measurements


1560000 grams to kilograms

Converting Measurements


A paper has an area of 546 square centimeters. What is the papers area in square inches? Use the following conversion: 1 square inch is 6.5 square centimeters.

Converting square centimeters to square inches
Converting Measurements


Explain why multiplying by conversion factor does not change the value of the measurement

 Explain how to convert from cents per doughnut two dollars per box of donuts using your knowledge of units in conversion factors 
Converting Measurements


A carpet costs 1.69$ per square feet. The carpet measures 40”X26”. How much does the carpet cost?

We want the cost of the blanket, but the area needs to be converted into feet first.
Converting Measurements


How many total feet did they run

Lyle ran 5 yards . Oliver ran 4 yards and 2 feet . Tyler ran 2 yards and 4 feet . 
Converting Measurements


One gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds 5 ounces. Something is carrying 500 gallons of water. What is the weight of the water to the nearest pound?

This is about converting measurements 
Converting Measurements Word Problem


Ken ran 3 miles in 17.3 minutes.

Convert his speed to meters per second. (1km=0.6214 mi)   I am having trouble with setting this up. 
Converting Measurements Algebra Math Conversions, Word Problems,


If a field has the shape of a rectangle measuring 0.6 miles by 0.9 miles, how much would it cost to seed it, if the cost of seeds is 0.35 cents per square yard?

If a field has the shape of a rectangle measuring 0.6 miles by 0.9 miles, how much would it cost to seed it, if the cost of seeds is 0.35 cents per square yard?I have the setup, but I must be... more
Converting Measurements Conversions?


I am doing recipe food cost and I am confused on the conversions

if I need 1/2 cup of blueberries and it is 3.74 for 10oz. How would I do the conversion step by step.
Converting Measurements


my question is in the descirption cuz it was too long for here

 A map of Alberta has a scale of 1:4 250 000. The map distance between Edmonton and Calgary is 6.5 cm. What is the distance between the two cities to the nearest kilometre?
Converting Measurements Conv


your doctor prescribes you to take 400 milligrams of medicine every 8 hours.How many ounces of medicine do you take in one day ?

if you yake 400 milligrams of medicine every 8 hours how many ounces of medicine do you take ?  
Converting Measurements


A notebook computer has a mass of 2.25 kilograms. About how many pounds does the notebook weigh?

You have to convert kilograms to pounds. Which is a US to metric conversion.
Converting Measurements Conversion


Conversion help?

Solar (photovoltaic) cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. If solar cells were 100% efficient, they would generate about 1000 watts of power per square meter of surface area when... more
Converting Measurements Word Problem


Convert 1.09 grams per milliliter to pounds per gallon.

 I don't know how to convert the measurements easily. I just get more and more confused each time i attempt the problem.
Converting Measurements


how do I solve this problem

A carton of oranges weighs 34 lb 2 oz, but 2 lb 8 oz of this weight is due to packaging. Subtract the weight of the packaging to find the actual weight of the oranges in 4 cartons.
Converting Measurements Math Middle School: Math


Mikhael wanted to rewrite the conversion factor "1 yard is about 0.914 meter" to create a conversion factor to convert meters to yards.

HE WROTE 1 METER IS ABOUT _______ . Tell how Mikhael should finish his conversion, and explain how you know. 
Converting Measurements Science Scientific Notation


Kristen has 7.5 mL of water and her lab partner Rebecca has 2.3 L. How many mL do they have?

We are to use the extended metric map to make the necessary conversion for the challenge problem.  
Converting Measurements Chemistry Conversion Pressure


Convert 98.35 kPa to atm. - Show Work.

Convert 98.35 kPa to atm.   Useful Equations 1.00 atm = 101300 Pa1.00 atm = 101.3 kPa1.00 atm = 14.7 psi1.00 atm = 760 mmHg1.00 atm = 760 torr
Converting Measurements Chemistry Pressure Convert


Convert 0.875 atm to mmHg. - Show Work

Convert 0.875 atm to mmHg. - Show Work   Useful Equations  1.00 atm = 101300 Pa 1.00 atm = 101.3 kPa 1.00 atm = 14.7 psi 1.00 atm = 760 mmHg 1.00 atm = 760 torr
Converting Measurements 13 1


is 64 inches biger than 5 feet

is 64 inches bigger than 5 feet yes or no and other question is 2 miles bigger than 3,333 yards    
Converting Measurements


A company offers free shipping on orders that weigh less than 5000 grams. How much is this in kilograms?

 it is a question on aleks i need help  
Converting Measurements


How much does it cost to run a700 watt micowave for 17 hours if the power company charges 12 cents per kilowatt hour?

Not sure how to figure this out.
Converting Measurements


converting fluid ounces to millimeters

Please help!!   Cough syrup comes in a bottle that contains 4 fl oz. How many millimeters is this? 
Converting Measurements


If I ran 19.22 seconds to run 100 meters how long would it take to run 60 meters?

If it took me 19.22 seconds to run 100 meters how long would it take to run 60 meters?
Converting Measurements Rates


Lorenzo rides his bike at a rate of 2.2 meters per second. About how many miles per hour can Lorenzo ride his bike?

 In the chapter Convert Measurements lesson Convert Rates.

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