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how to convert from volume to weight?

I need assistance with converting 38,220.92318 mL to grams.

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2 Answers

What substance are you talking about? You need that first before you can move on.

Once the substance is known you can then look up the substance’s density in g/mL.

Now that you know the density you take the amount in mL given (38,220.92318) and multiply by the density you just looked up, you will be left with an answer in just grams. The mL will be ‘on top’ to start with, then you multiply by the density which has them on bottom, the mL will cross cancel each other leaving just grams.

Example using water:

Density of water = 1.0 g/mL (can also be written as 1.0 g per 1.0 mL)

38,220.92318 mL    x    1.0 g    =    38,220.92318 g

                                     1.0 mL

Example using methanol

Density of methanol = 0.79 g/mL (can also be written as 0.79 g per 1.0 mL)

38,220.92318 mL    x    0.79 g    =    30,194.5293 g

                                      1.0 mL


In order to know the weight of a specific volume of a substance you must first know the density of the substance in question. Most common substances have known densities that can be looked up in tables.

Most densities in the SI system are reported in kilograms per meter cubed (kg/m3). Your volume should then be converted into m3 and multiplied by the density. The resultant mass can then be converted into grams.