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Asked • 03/19/19

Is using Arabic when you dont understand it an innovation or a real part of the religion?

As a convert this was my first serious question. I just convinced myself that Islam is closer to the straight path than Christianity which meant that a lot of people have added to the religion. After telling family I was Muslim I considered myself a Muslim (by definition), but I don't remember calling myself a "Muslim" (by name) at the time. Then to hear later that I must make some statement in Arabic that I don't understand before I become a Muslim seemed to me to be an innovation. The same with prayer in Arabic. Even an Islamic name :) which I never took. I don't think many people who grew up Muslim can appreciate this contrast very much, and most don't understand how important this is. Even many converts.What logic can allow a convert to faithfully with **peace of mind** practice a religion in a foreign language that he does not understand?Doing Salat in Arabic when I didn't understand the words felt more like I was worshiping other people by obeying them instead of worshiping God. Please understand this before answering or commenting or voting. I am not the first nor the last person to ask this, but there is no good answers for this on this site or other sites.

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