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Opening PDF in Illustrator breaks up text objects?

I recently had to convert some `PDF` files to `SVG`, and did this by opening the PDF in **Illustrator**, and saving out to SVG. The issue was that when Illustrator opened the pdf, many (but not... more

Photoshop vector smart object opening in Preview instead of Illustrator?

In Photoshop CC (version 19) on the Mac, I have a smart object vector graphic layer. Double-clicking the layer to edit the vector graphic, opens it in Preview (Mac) because, presumably, it thinks... more


How can you export an Inkscape SVG file to a PDF and maintain the integrity of the image?

I've been having a devil of a time getting Inkscape to export PDFs cleanly and there don't seem to be very many answers out there on all the various wikis and tutorials. In particular,... more

Merge / convert multiple PDF files into one PDF?

How could I merge / convert multiple PDF files into one large PDF file? I tried the following, but the content of the target file was not as expected: convert file1.pdf file2.pdf merged.pdf I... more

Making a button in indesign go to a specific page in exported PDF?

In InDesign I can define buttons and can add different actions to them. One of these actions is "go to page", but apparently that function is only usable when exporting the InDesign document as an... more

How to keep the text in vector in Photoshop without rasterizing it or flattening the layers when exporting to PDF?

After many tests in all kind of PDF presets, I couldn't figure out how to keep the text layers as vector and still have the quality of InDesign without using it. Everything I tried was rasterizing... more


Convert PDF to Word document?

Any software/idea how to convert pdf document to word document?

Why does Word 2010 create such huge PDF files?

I have noticed only now that my Word 2010 (docx) documents that are just a single page long and include a simple WMF vector graphic and a bit of text are almost 1 MB large. The Word document is... more

Is there a good stable free PDF editor?

I work for a non-profit organization and we have a lot of staff that need to work with PDFs. Our designers etc have the Adobe suite but that is quite expensive and I do not want to purchase a lot... more

Converting Word forms to PDF (fill in) forms?

I've got Acrobat Pro 8 and Word 2003.I've got a form in Word creating using form fields. What I want to do is convert this document to a "fill in" PDF form automatically. In other words,... more

Batch convert Word documents to PDFs?

How do I batch convert many Word documents and have them saved as [originalfilename].pdf?


How to create PDF bookmarks from Microsoft Word?

I have a PDF file which I converted From Microsoft Word. Actually I'm working on an eBook and now I want to publish it as a PDF.How do I create PDF bookmarks, either through Word or through editing... more


What kind of black should I use when designing for CMYK print?

My question is what kind of black should I use when printing. At the moment I use this black (split into CMYK): C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:100%It looks fine in InDesign or Illustrator but if I save a PDF... more

How to convert Word (doc) to PDF in linux?

I have a set of files in **.doc** format, that need to be converted to **.pdf** format. I am using Ubuntu linux.


How to open a multiple page PDF file as artboards in Illustrator CS6?

I'm trying to open a PDF file with 7 pages and need to adjust each page in Illustrator CS6. How do I open the PDF file in one single AI files with all artboards within it?

Best way to send layouts with editable text to writers/editors who don't have design software?

Here's a common design workflow problem, probably most relevant to in-house designers, but also to agencies who have a lot of non-design writing or research staff, or freelancers who work with... more


How to convert AutocadDWG To PDF?

Is there another way to convert AutocadDWG To PDF but to use third party programs? Thanks for any suggestions.

Is there a free desktop pdf editor?

I think that Adobe Acrobat costs way too much. I don't want to pay for a reoccuring subscription for something I'd like to have for the longest time. The desktop version is way too expensive even... more

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