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While I'm in my praying, can I say Dua in different languages?

If I don't know the Arabic meaning of a Dua, can I say the Dua in a different language?


What does "السلام عليكم أيها النبي" actually mean?

When I first learnt how to pray *salat*, I was taught as part of the *tashahud* to recite the phrase "`السلام عليكم أيها النبي`."I am hardly fluent in Arabic, but my translation of the above is... more
Salat Arabic


What is the difference between Salat and Salah?

That's it. Not much more detail in the question. If the answer could include usage in a sentence, that would be helpful.


Is using Arabic when you dont understand it an innovation or a real part of the religion?

As a convert this was my first serious question. I just convinced myself that Islam is closer to the straight path than Christianity which meant that a lot of people have added to the religion.... more
Salat Arabic


Why do Muslims offer prayers in Arabic? What is the significance of the language?

Muslims offer prayer and recite Quran in Arabic. What is the significance of Arabic language for worship according to Quran and Sunnah? Is there any hadith or verse of Quran that makes the Arabic... more

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