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What is the purpose of a technical presentation during an interview?

I am being interviewed, and was asked to prepare a short technical presentation about any topic of my choice. **What is the purpose** of such assignment and **what points should I take into... more

Interview Presentation Advice - Workplace or Hobby Related?

I have an interview next week, and I have been asked to prepare a presentation on something I am passionate about. I am torn between covering a hobby as a topic or something work related and was... more

Career path for an Information System Management graduate?

I'm an Information System Management graduate from a British university. I had many migration in my life. So after my graduation, I moved to Canada and I tried to find a job for more than 3 months... more

What is the correct way to write a fractional number in a formal letter?

If I'm talking about a length of time in a cover letter, let's say 5.5 years, what would be the correct way to write this? - five-and-a-half years - 5-1/2 years - 5.5 years

What does it take to get a job at a top 50 math program in the U.S.?

I'm a senior undergrad right at a small liberal arts college right now who is applying to math PhD programs in the U.S. I would like to eventually become a professor at a relatively good university... more

Questions on two sentences on a cover letter?

I am writing a cover letter - an excrutiating process. There are two sentences I am quite unsure about. The first one: > I hold a math Ph.D. from xxx that was carried out at a research group... more

Is this a good test for a selenium developer?

My boss has given me the assignment of interviewing one of the new automation engineers. The only task left is the technical one, and I have been thinking about a good test that I could give... more

How to write a good cover letter?

As I am applying for an internship in research labs writing a cover letter is the most important part while applying. I have gone through many websites regarding this, but I can't find the... more

How do I get an automation testing job without experience?

I've been working as a manual QA for a couple of years. I want to get an automation position. I took Java courses at a local college, I practiced, I learned Selenium, and I'm fairly confident I... more

What industries use statistics?

What is a civil service job?

New to testing - need direction?

I just found this site, and I have a question for everyone who can help me. My new passion for IT made me wish to learn more, and I wish to start with Testing. I've learned HTML5 and CSS3, but now... more

What industries use statistics?

Write a resume objective that expresses my desire to hone and sharpen my skills?

I wish to convey to prospective employers that I not only want to use my skills, but hone and sharpen them as well. 1. Does the below paragraph do justice to it? 2. Do you have any suggestions?... more

Schools for Cosmetic Chemistry

I am looking into being a cosmetic chemist, and I am wondering about schools such as colleges, universities, etc. What are some schools that will help me pursue this career? What classes should... more

I don’t know what to do.

So, I’ve failed all my classes freshman year attending a university and now I’m not sure what to do. I want a decent job in life but could I have messed up any chance of that happening? Also, can I... more

Can you go to college while working as a Border Patrol agent?

This is my first time in college. I'm 27 and have bills I need to keep up with. I'm a Criminal Justice major and was wondering if it is possible to work in a related field at all while in college.

Interview question

You are coming to the office where management meeting supposed to happen, and found it is in mess , the phone is ringing, management asking you to quickly send email to one of the client. Please... more

in a informal interview, you learn about a persons occupation

i need to know if it is true of false

Effective Resume Title

Effective Resume Title For Warehouse distribution and  jobs picking orders and stuff wit scan guns 

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