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How to explain lacking of testing effort and missing test cases to my manager?

I have been working as a contract manual tester; currently, I have managed to get myself into a problem, can you please give me some pieces of advice? One major client I was contracted to work... more
Manual Testing Career Development


Which language would benefit in Software Testing career?

I'm Software Test Engineer and have 3+ years of experience. Still I haven't done any localization testing. As far I can guess, a tester should know the language to test the application for that... more

What is the advantage of choosing testing as compared to other career paths in Software Industry?

I have had many people tell me that I made a big mistake by choosing QA path in IT industry and that I will never get opportunities to grow as compared to developers and database experts.... more


How do I get an automation testing job without experience?

I've been working as a manual QA for a couple of years. I want to get an automation position. I took Java courses at a local college, I practiced, I learned Selenium, and I'm fairly confident I... more
Manual Testing Career Development


New to testing - need direction?

I just found this site, and I have a question for everyone who can help me. My new passion for IT made me wish to learn more, and I wish to start with Testing. I've learned HTML5 and CSS3, but now... more

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