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How many cubic yards of concrete will be needed?

You're a supervisor for a project at the Fargo Airport. They want to add another runway, because Fargo is now THE tourist destination of the Midwest. The runway needs to be 16" thick to accommodate... more

Help with business

Can you think of other products or brands that rely on ethically questionable business practices? Do you think consumers are turned off by their track record or are they largely indifferent to it?... more

What are some of the challenges that a frontshop manager may encounter when managing store personnel?

What skills and abilities would a frontshop manager have to possess to be successful in managing personnel? Pharmacy Technician Pharmacist

Probability - Business Stats

What is the probability that one student, selected at random from the college, will be an econ major? What is the probability that one student, selected at random from the college, will be a... more

Can you use Ogive Graph for sales?

Can you use Ogive to graph the sales of a product, for example between Samsung and Iphone over the course of 22 years?

Express profit per seat as a function of x. Then express profit as a function of x.

profit of $8 per seat if the number of seats is no more than 50. Profit of seat will decrease by $.10 for each seat above 50. Let x denote # of seats above 50.

Express revenue as a function of q; call this function R(q).

P=D(q)=500qe^-.0016q^2p- price in dollars q- quantity

Who invented the pencil?

Finance Business

Holly purchased a house for $325,000. She made a down payment of 25.00% of the value of the house and received a mortgage for the rest of the amount at 5.72% compounded semi-annually amortized over... more

Find the simple interest for the period indicated.

Then use table values to find the compound interest.​ Finally, find the difference between compound interest and simple interest. Round to the nearest cent.​ (Interest is... more

Business Plan for a Bakery: Analysis

What would some of the macro influences be through PEST analysis, for a bakery with cakes ? and also What are the internal and external influencing factors favourable and unfavourable to the... more

Business calculations

Christina has recently been hired as an account assistant. Which form will Christina’s employer require her to complete in order to have the appropriate amount of federal taxes withheld from her... more

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