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This is a business critical thinking question that im struggling to answer, please help

Discuss how the following demographic trends might have an impact on U.S. business practices, and give examples of how businesses could respond to these changes: (a) the increased number... more


Evaluate the legal considerations of a creating a mentoring program.

Create an executive summary as a team outlining the reasons why a company of your choice should invest in a mentoring program. I need help with the following bullet:Evaluate any legal... more
Business Money


Disputed Amount

Is the disputed amount in a transaction the amount you should have been charged, or is it the amount you should not have been charged?


Disruptive Technology

Digital Disruption is on the minds of every business leader. How would a large company defend itself against smaller, disruptive and more agile companies?
Business Economics


What does liquidity mean in economics/business??

Business Finance Banking


Mergers and Acquisitions create synergies. Critique this statement.

Mergers and Acquisitions create synergies. Critique this statement in view of the recent merger of CBA and NIC Bank to form NCBA Bank and the takeover of National Bank of Kenya by KCB Bank Group.

Accounting Question: Inventory Balance

The transactions listed below are typical of those involving Amalgamated Textiles and American Fashions. Amalgamated is a wholesale merchandiser and American Fashions is a retail merchandiser.... more


The correct answers A,B,C,D

A________ is and entity that buys goods from manufacturers and resell them to businesses, government agencies,other wholesalers,or retailers.A) merchant brokerB) Manufacturers representatives C)... more
Business Company Law


Are shares tangible assets?

I bought half of my business partner’s company for 150k. The contract stipulated that all tangible and intangible assets would be transferred to a new company, of which I am a 50% shareholder. ... more


Do i have to join the Us navy To get in an apprenticeship program?

Business Law


contract law case study

EcoPlumb Ltd (“EL”) agreed with Righton Ltd (RL) to supply and install a new, eco-friendly energy saving heating and air-conditioning system in RL’s factory and offices for a price of... more


This question government and business relationship in the view of 4 scholars given below.

Q2. Contrast the views of Locke, Marx, Smith, Keynes, and Spencer on the nature and proper functions of government and on its relationship to business. Which views seem to you to provide the most... more
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Please give me a concept about your thinking in this issue.

Faced with the need to deliver risk ratings for your organization, you will have to substitute the organization’s risk preferences for your own. For, indeed, it is the organization’s risk tolerance... more


Please solve it

Q.1. Consider the nutrients' concept below and use it to answer question1(a,b)Nutrient Access concept: it is believed that maximum crop growth can be achieved by constantsupply of soil nutrients... more


Please give me a clear concept about it.

Discuss the need of database logical structures and their significance in effective management of database.

Please solve this Accounting problem.

The unit selling price and unit production costs of Silver Craft Ltd were as follows for the month of April 2019:-Selling price Rs120Direct materials Rs22Direct labour Rs17Variable... more


Explain the concepts of restructuring and re-engineering. Set your differences

Explain the concepts of restructuring and re-engineering. Set your differences

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