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Business math word problem help!

Land Rover has increased the price of a FreeLander by 1/6 from the original price. The original price of the FreeLander was $45,000. What is the new price?


Whats the purpose of S&P 500 futures?

If the S&P 500 is at a level of 2500 then the market value of a futures contract is 2,500 x $250 or $625000. So whats the point of buying a contract if as of December 12/18/2019 the total share... more


business statistics

A suburban hotel derives its revenue from its hotel and restaurant operations. The owners are interested in the relationship between the number of rooms occupied on a nightly basis and the revenue... more


business statistics

The null and alternate hypotheses are:H0 : μd ≤ 0H1 : μd > 0The following sample information shows the number of defective units produced on the day shift and the afternoon shift for a sample of... more


I do not know how to arrive at the answer

Periodic Inventory Using FIFO, LIFO, and Weighted Average Cost MethodsThe units of an item available for sale during the year were as follows: Jan. 1 Inventory 4 units at $29 $116 July... more


Expected Value- Probability

A company estimates that 1% of their products will fail after the original warranty within 2 years of the purchase, with a replacement cost of $500.If they want to offer a 2 year extended... more


What is the Estimated Cost of Goods Sold? What is the Estimated Ending Inventory?

January 1... $190,000January 1 through September 5 purchases (net)... $352,000January 1 through September 5 sales (net)...$685,000Year 2015 estimated gross profit rate...44%


Finding the Purchase Price and Discount

Find the purchase price and discount of a 12% 15000 bond maturing in 10 years to yield the buyer 15% compunded monthly and redeemable at par


Find the accumulated amount A if the principal P is invested at the interest rate of r/year for t years.

Find the accumulated amount A if the principal P is invested at the interest rate of r/year for t years. P = $47,000 , r = 2.75% , t=8 , compounded quarterly A=$______any help or guidance... more


Simple interest

Jon invested $5,100 at 5.50% p.a. simple interest. How much time is needed for the investment to grow to at least $5,330?The answer is not 0.82


Calculate the simple interest and maturity value. (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answers to the nearest cent.)

Principal: $6,300 Interest rate: 4%Time: 20 mo. What's the Simple interest: What's the Maturity value:


Business Mathematics

A clock manufacturer has a has a fixed monthly cost of $100 and a variable production cost of $75 per clock. If each clock is sold for $125, determine the annual profit or loss if the company sells... more


finance: Project Cash Flows

Steamboat Springs Furniture, Inc., is considering purchasing a new finishing lathe that costs $55,624.00. The lathe will generate revenues of $96,772.00 per year for five years. The cost of... more


What is a Formula to Use to Determine Cost of a Wasted Product?

Hi there! I am learning from modules at my new workplace, and a question about determining a cost has been running through my mind. I can never seem to find how to correlate the information. If... more


Business Plan for a Bakery: Analysis

What would some of the macro influences be through PEST analysis, for a bakery with cakes ? and also What are the internal and external influencing factors favourable and unfavourable to the... more

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